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* Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/04/18 10:56
  1. A person who had recently consumed half a box of raspberries came down with severe watery diarrhea. Surprisingly, the patient felt tired for a few days and had a low-grade fever. The most likely cause of infection is :

a. Cryptosporidium
b. Escherichia coli 0157:H7
c. Isospora
d. Vibrio
e. Cyclospora
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/04/18 10:57
  2. A 30-year-old female stored her contact lenses in tap water. She noticed deterioration of vision and visited an ophthalmologist who diagnosed her with severe retinitis. Culture of the water as well as vitreous fluid would most likely reveal :
a. Naegleria
b. Pneumocystis
c. Acanthamoeba
d. Babesia
e. Entamoeba coli
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/04/18 10:57
  3. A recently recognized organism secretes potent toxins, has been responsible for significant fish kills, and has also caused disease in humans. This organism has been identified as
a. Listeria monocytogenes
b. Giardia lamblia
c. Vibrio parahaemolyticus
d. Pfiesteria piscicida
e. Aeromonas salmonicida
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/04/18 10:58
  4. Human infection with the beef tapeworm, Taenia saginata, usually is less serious than infection with the pork tapeworm, T. solium, because :

a. Acute intestinal stoppage is less common in beef tapeworm infection
b. Larval invasion does not occur in beef tapeworm infection
c. Toxic by-products are not given off by the adult beef tapeworm
d. The adult beef tapeworms are smaller
e. Beef tapeworm eggs cause less irritation of the mucosa of the digestive
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/04/18 10:59
  5. A man coughed up a long (4 to 6 cm) white worm and his chief complaint was abdominal tenderness. He reports that he goes to sushi bars at least once a week. The following parasites have been observed in people who eat raw fish: Anisakis, Pseudoterranova, Eustrongylides, and Angiostrongylus.Which of the following would best differentiate the specific parasitic agent?

a. Identification of specific species of fish involved
b. Study of distinctive morphology of the parasite
c. Specific antibody tests
d. Antigen detection in tissues
e. Characteristic signs and symptoms
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/04/18 11:02
  will post next 5 questions after attempting these 5 .

lets check our knowledge of parasitology. I know it's not high yield topic for the boards but still,if anyone wanna make this topic stronger.
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  cardio69 - 10/04/18 16:17
  Q1) ans F.
Treated with TMP-SMX:)
_____________________________Good Qs:) I let others to enjoy it...
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* Re:Parasitology part 1
  b_cereus - 10/05/18 09:13
  No one enjoys free q anymore ,It seems :p  
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