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* CK partner
  sawtooth - 10/30/18 16:27
  If you are willing to study together.
Please only full time and if dedicated.
I live in Illinois, so it would be better if you do too, if not, Skype works just fine.

Please reply with skype name if very interested
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* Re:CK partner
  bluerash - 10/30/18 19:27
i'm willing
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* Re:CK partner
  gisuny - 10/31/18 06:18
I'm interested in study together.
My email
Thank u!
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* Re:CK partner
  doctornmd - 11/03/18 11:42
  im in east time, skype id is brightlightmd  
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* Re:CK partner
  tttochukwu - 11/04/18 14:27
  Hi, I live in Chicago. I am interested. My skype name is Michelle Tee (with MHC1 icon).  
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* Re:CK partner
  skhopemed - 11/05/18 07:50

I am interested in studying CK with you. I am in Easter standard time presently. If interested please email at skhopemed. I will call you on skype there after. What is your plan of studying. So if we see if we both can fix on an agenda and study accordingly. Please email me when you get a chance.
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* Re:CK partner
  iamoneseven - 11/12/18 22:11
  I am interested in studying with you. I am in Ohio and I can only do Skype. Please let me know if that works out for you. My skype id is +17062288842  
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* Re:CK partner
  step1_prep - 11/15/18 23:36
  My skype id is step2ck_prep
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