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* Differentiation Dx
  captan - 11/28/18 12:48
  What's the difference on an MRI b/w Cryptococcus neoformans and Toxoplasma gondii if pt HIV +?  
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* Re:Differentiation Dx
  cardio69 - 11/28/18 19:53
  TOXO: Target sign
Significant oedma/ you should now toxo lesion are hypOmetabolic
Multiple ring enhancing (hemorrhagic/following tx), vs crypto are NON enhancing you could say & LOW dens lesion on BG…
Prediction 4 BG

CRYPTO: location -> usually spread on path PVS* deep brain-> /BG/cerebellum/DN/WM and they are nodules small round/oval 2 or 3 up to 4 cm (PVS pack with fungi/isointense to CSF and hyperintense rim). Can turn in* -> gelatinous fake😊 pseudo or look like soap bubbles… again vs toxo that you got multi ring enhancing masses + edema typically BG & cerebral hemi…
VR spaces, gelatinous cysts
Best can be painted;)
I doubt u been ask to dx base on MRI, just search few img on web/google it…


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* Re:Differentiation Dx
  captan - 11/30/18 12:09
  thks cardio69  
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* Re:Differentiation Dx
  susmles250 - 12/01/18 01:57
  cardio69 you have such deep knowledge..can u please share your study resources and guide me how to study? please... It'll be much appreciated.
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