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* study partner in nyc
  arpanaagrawal - 12/04/18 15:10
  hey i am looking for a study partner in newyork city for the month of december .anyone interested plz ping me.  
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* Re:study partner in nyc
  altoraby84 - 12/09/18 09:33
  im in nyc,we can do it online, email altoraby84@gmail com

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* Re:study partner in nyc
  emailrodc - 12/12/18 16:43
  i'm looking for a live study partner in brooklyn, ny during the day. email me if interested. after putting it together, address is (email rodc @ yahoo . com)  
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* Re:study partner in nyc
  drpaul9912 - 01/01/19 16:42
  zurick67 its so obvious that you work for CSEvideo,
Everyone knows that your videos are terrible

Redtape99=zurick67 they have the same IP address.
I for one have seen the rubbish on CSEvideos, and advertising that you have "test center cases" in your videos is reportable to the ECFMG and NBME and I will be sure to let them know about your advertising.

Secondly NONE of the cases on my exam were on the CSEvideos so you are the liar and scamartist

This is sad news for me since I went to 11 interviews spent over 10,000 in travel expense and ERAS expenses to get a FAIL on my CS exam after relying totally on your fraudulent videos. Now I cannot be ECFMG certified in time for the match, so go to hell you lying scumbag.
Furthermore I am 100 percent sure the person in the video is not a practicing physician, it looks like an inexperienced nurse that has no business in a hospital setting.
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* Re:study partner in nyc
  oseltamivir.k47 - 01/15/19 18:26 I can do live practice
I am in queens
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