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* Same old story of old grads.....
  gf1 - 01/03/18 14:20
  Img old grad >10yrs, applied on December(probably late) due to US lor and externship.
No IVs so far. When I read about other's credentials and how successfully they matched or got IVs, I feel v depressed not becoz of their success but me.
Now the same story, no IVs means prepare for step 3 or do some research which I have no idea how to get into(no network, no contacts) or go to second option which is Phd or MPH. Most of the suggestions are MPH. If I really have to do it then wht's the point of wasting time, money etc. I would have done 5yrs earlier if I really have to do it. But....I don't see any other option as well.
Its frustrating but don't want to give up right now...coming this far..
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
If you guys know how to approach for clinical research please let me know.
I am a US citizen.
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  usmleishard - 01/04/18 04:26
  where did you do externship?
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  nanaki - 01/04/18 08:52
  It is a problem. You see this happening every year.

It sounds cold but people should know about this when they start the process.
When you are an old graduate, 5 or more years, your chances decrease significantly, no matter how good your credentials are. Programs prefer fresh graduates.

There are a few success stories out there about people getting into residency programs 10-15 years later but those are the exceptions and most of the time include years of contact with a healthcare setting, strong contacts and spending a lot of time and money.

Unfortunately this is a money making machine for the parties involved in the process of residency application and they are very unlikely to make a statement regarding the probability of matching when you have been out of medical school or an academic setting for several years.

Start emailing people, show up to a program, call your contacts and friends, find a way to get in the system.
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  workhard11 - 01/04/18 11:48
  You applied at the end  
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  gf1 - 01/04/18 11:57
  @nanaki, u r right. But I will fight until the last minute, sounds stupid but just don't want to giv up. Four programs from IM have said that I was too late for the interview, seats are filled up and they don't have waiting list for IVs. so, just want to try next year.
As you said, if it was as easy to call friends or contacts????????
Anyway, I will try though, but no idea who to?
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  usdr85 - 01/05/18 08:35
  @gf1, I am an old IMG (>10 years). My board scores >240/>240/pass/>240.

The first Match I didn't have step 3, I had 3 US LORs from observership - few IVs - didn't match.

The second Match, I started in research, didn't get any specialty related LORs on time, applied to only a couple programs - got two invites - didn't match.

This year is my third year applying. I passed Step 3. I have very nice letters, clinical research experience, and publications. Also, I have many people ready to advocate for me. I ended up accepting a prematch offer (Psych).

There is always a hope. I think the key for an old grad is to make people know you, and how you work.
Also, Step 3 was a huge help.

There will always be a few programs (very few) who care about who you are and not about how their statistics will look with an old IMG on file.

Good luck!
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  hardworking - 01/06/18 14:17
  usdr85- greatly appreciate your story. I am in same boat.. I want to go in family medicine or internal medicine  
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  parmesh495 - 01/08/18 10:18
  Yes you have applied very late, as the slots will completed filled, programs look for applicantions which are applied before September 15th with completing all the requirements. Try to apply again you may have chances, have continuous hands-on expirence with LORs which is helpful for the application and make connections and strong CV you will have chances.  
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* Re:Same old story of old grads.....
  gf1 - 01/08/18 16:48
  Thankyou all,v motivating. Planning to giv step 3, don't want to giv up. Definitely apply next year early.  
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* how to approach clinical research study @ the univ
  gf1 - 01/08/18 18:16
  Hi! all. This forum has always helped me in my hard times when I cant figure out things. M in similar situation once again-journey of mle. I would like to involve in clinical research projects. But I don't have any contacts and I have no idea how to approach for it n wht we have to do. Googled some but random answers. If anyone knows please let me know, I would appreciate it. Thankyou.  
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