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* Finally matched
  bumblebee09 - 03/12/18 12:35
  Wow what a difference a couple of years make. This is my 3rd match and finally I made it.. I graduated in 2013. Have scores of 230/240/220, cs pass, all first time, 4 months observership, no research. Applied for the 2015 match when I got just 2 interviews, did not match. Applied again for the 2016 match when I got just 1 interview, did not match again. By that time I was broke and completely dejected. I didn't apply for the 2017 match, instead was working and preparing for residency in my home country. That didn't work out either. With no option left, decided to give this one last go (heck what did I have to loose), did one more observership and applied. Got one interview again. And I matched. Just in complete disbelief right now. Got so used to seeing "you did not match" on the email that this just seems surreal.
Congrats to those who matched.
To those who didn't, I've been there, multiple times, reached situations where I had no options left. So don't despair, hope, work hard and pray even harder. Good things come later in life.
God bless you all..
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* Re:Finally matched
  daoud125 - 03/12/18 13:10
  how many interview you had this time.  
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* Re:Finally matched
  bumblebee09 - 03/12/18 13:26
  1 again.  
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* Re:Finally matched
  daoud125 - 03/12/18 13:28
  wow. god bless you. i am in similar boat.
244,249 Cs Yog 2012 passed all first attempt. No interview last year.
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* Re:Finally matched
  virgo32 - 03/12/18 14:04
  @bumblebee congratulations:) but what did you do this year to match? any advice. do you need a visa?  
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* Re:Finally matched
  bumblebee09 - 03/12/18 15:11
  @daoud125 I'm sorry to hear that. Your scores are really good. I'm surprised you didn't get even any interviews. What about clinical experience? Step 3 should help as well. Don't give up

@virgo32. Thank you. Yes I need visa. I feel my interview prep this time was very good compared to previous years. Other than that the only extra thing I did was 2 more months of observership (which still got me only 1 interview)
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* Re:Finally matched
  daoud125 - 03/12/18 15:14
  I did not had any USce experience. Since September i have gathered about 3 months of USCE experience and 3 Us Lor.  
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* Re:Finally matched
  yasminkus - 03/12/18 17:45
  Hi daoud,

Congratulations on matching!
I gather that unites States clinical experience is essential for matching. Can you tell me how you got this clinical experience? I habe good scores on the steps. I'm worried my lack of clinica experiemce will be the reason why I don't get interviews. Thanks.
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