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* Pediatric Neurology/ Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship
  eishi_asano1 - 03/13/18 10:21
  Please distribute the following information to your friends and colleagues, who may be interested in this opportunity.

Pediatric Neurology/Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship in Children’s Hospital of Michigan.
We have an unexpected opening for a pediatric neurology/pediatric epilepsy fellow starting this summer (for 1 or 2 years). This fellowship program provides outstanding experience: neonatal, pediatric and adult EEG, video-EEG epilepsy monitoring, functional brain mapping, PET, fMRI, DTI, and epilepsy surgery with intracranial EEG monitoring. There will be a number of opportunities to write papers in neurophysiology, neuroimaging, genetics and neuropsychology. This is the only pediatric institution in the world with its own full PET Center, including cyclotron. Trainees can gain valuable experience for private practice or academic career in the future. Please send CV and personal statement along with reference letters. “Interview via Skype is possible.” Contact: Eishi Asano, MD, PhD (Email: and Aimee Luat, MD (Email:

Eishi Asano
Professor, Pediatrics & Neurology, Wayne State University.
Director, Neurodiagnostics, Children's Hospital of Michigan.
Mailing address: Department of Neurodiagnostics. Children's Hospital of Michigan.
3901 Beaubien Street, Detroit, Michigan, 48201, USA.
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