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* observership rotation
  dralee - 03/13/18 14:48
  hello.. i have a question... is it good to rotate in a hospital where you applied during the application process.. for instance , I apply to a program in September 15th and I do rotation at that hospital in December ... would that help?  
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* Re:observership rotation
  brompton - 03/13/18 16:33
  Yes that might help you get an interview, though December is a little late in the year—some programs do interview through January and even half of February, so it is still a possibility. The most important thing is that you show to rotations each day ready to learn, do as much work as you can, be pleasant to be around—audition rotations can work against you if you aren’t a good team player or don’t try to interact with the residents. I know plenty of applicants who did get invited to interview at a program they rotated in, so I think it’s a good idea if you stay on top of your game!  
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* Re:observership rotation
  2017peludi - 03/14/18 06:51
  i agree completely with brompton! Some programs automatically invite you to interview if you rotated with them ... would that mean that you automatically match? No. You have to earn your spot during the rotation or during the interview.

The best advice I can give you regarding this topic is: rotate where you want to match! It increases your chances in that place and even if you don't get interviewed there or matched there, it increases your chances in other hospitals in that state!

I rotated in A city of Texas and the hospital I rotated at didn't give me an interview but other hospitals in that state did (even that I applied everywhere in the US, most of my IV were from Texas)
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