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* statement of need
  bumblebee09 - 04/13/18 01:01
  Anyone from India, how long does it take to get the statement of need for the J1 visa? And does it have to be in an envelope with the seal on the outside flap?  
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* Re:statement of need
  rickyrozay - 04/17/18 03:46
  Usually takes about a week.  
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* Re:statement of need
  nrmp2012 - 04/17/18 22:12
The requirements (in regards of whether the envelope should have a seal on outside flap) is clear on the ECFMG website
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* Re:statement of need
  bumblebee09 - 04/18/18 04:39
  Cool. Thanks  
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* Re:statement of need
  rickyrozay - 04/18/18 15:08
  Dont worry about that, the MOH in india issue SON on a regular basis and will give you one according to all of ECFMG requirements  
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* Re:statement of need
  kavya@4a1 - 04/21/18 13:40
  To be accepted by ECFMG, the original SoN must be received in the original, sealed envelope of the Ministry of Health.  
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* Re:statement of need
  akhilmintu1 - 04/23/18 08:03
  whats the present token number going on?  
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* Re:statement of need
  bumblebee09 - 04/24/18 21:19
  @rickyrozay, @kavya@4a1
Thank you so much.

My token number is 503. Mine was issued on 23rd April
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* Re:statement of need
  jpatel87 - 05/02/18 08:43
  @bumblebee09 , hey I wanted to know about Statement of need letter. I had mailed my application on the 16th April, but havenít got any response from MOH. I was just wondering how long did it take for you to get SON after application was submitted? I tried calling them many times but nobody is answering the phone. Thank you for your help. Is there anything else I could do to get in touch with them?  
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* Re:statement of need
  bumblebee09 - 05/02/18 14:04
  I submitted my application on April 12th and it was issued on April 23rd. It reached me in kerala on the 25th of April. My token number was 503.
The wait is nerve wracking and they don't give us any updates. But I did get them on the phone.. and they told me that it was sent to me on 23rd. This is the number I called: 01123061945. They were quite polite and helpful.
Hope this helps.
What is your token number? U r sure that it reached Delhi right ?
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* Re:statement of need
  jpatel87 - 05/02/18 15:20
  @bumblebee09 , oh wow, how did you get the token number? I sent my application via courier and in the tracking it said it was delivered on 18th April in Delhi. I have been calling on the same number but it keeps saying they are busy and call back later.  
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