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* Chances of getting back to Residency
  diagnoses - 05/01/18 12:42
  Was let go from my internal medicine residency 10 years back due to very vague circumstances .Tried to get in for few years but it was hard.Didnt get the credit for the months i worked which is a good thing coz i can reapply again for the first year position.
I currently work for pharmaceuticals and run a successful clinical trials company and its been very good.Never looked back. but now lot of family members working as attendings asking me to reapply in the hospitals they work for.
1.Should i mention in my current application about me previous residency coz its been ten years
2 How to improve my chances
3.Tons of research in my resume and also letters of recommendations .Do i need to retake usmle exams.
Any chance of getting back.
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  keerat87 - 05/03/18 01:07
  Hey, I think ideally you should mention it. because otherwise, it can be considered lie by omission. And to my knowledge, if you have passed step 3 you cannot just take it again. You can, however, try for that DO school in NY.

Also, I m in a similar situation but resigned last year and unlikely to get back. How did you get this pharma job? Did you upgrade? like a masters in clinical science?
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  diagnoses - 05/03/18 11:17
  Thanks for your reply.If i apply I will have to mention it.How do I explain that year otherwise but I do not know what should i mention.
What does step 3 have to do with my current application or retaking it.
I have worked in pharma now for almost eight years.I could never have imagined the luxury in any other job.They pay well and exective travel.I did not upgrade but i took a small job eight years ago for a year to register in my head how to actually do that work and started making contacts and finally started my own company.Really its been great.
DO School is never an option.cannot go through it again.Not worth it.I knew about that school.

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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  keerat87 - 05/05/18 01:41
  I might be interested in what you're doing lol. Give me your email. would love to contact you.  
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  diagnoses - 05/06/18 22:21  
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  missla - 05/07/18 09:24
I think you have chances especially if your contacts will put in a good word for you. I think you should go for it. Not sure on the limit for steps though. It is my understanding that if you take all the steps within 7 years, you are good to go.
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  smartpc - 05/07/18 10:53
  From a Program Coordinator - My recommendations is to stay with your current good paying job. You must list your previous residency, and programs do not want to take a chance on an applicant who was dismissed previously, Also, it may be hard to get an interview in the first place with a year of graduation that far back. You won't have a chance to explain your situation without an interview in the first place. With thousands of applicants each year, and growing, the chances are very slim you would even have an interview. From my experience, applicants with previous residencies who left or were dismissed are not ranked (if they received an interview, that is). Why spend so much on applying through ERAS, just to be in the same position you are now. I suggest you take a trip and enjoy the job you have.  
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  diagnoses - 05/09/18 13:26
  Good suggestions from everyone.Thanks.Really i wasnt even thinking about reapplying at this point of time.People i know are at very good positions in the faculty.They are recommending me to reapply.I guess they probably have no idea how competitive it is.  
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  judoc - 05/12/18 14:43

I am also in the same challenging situation. It would be great
to connect. Email me at
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* Re:Chances of getting back to Residency
  parmesh495 - 05/15/18 12:04
  If you are ECFMG certified then there is no need to retake the steps, and you can previous residency in the application. In order to make you chances better try to get lots of hands-on clinical experience where you will be provided with experience and gain strong LORs which will strengthen the application. Try to get connections in US which can be helpful for the application during the match process.  
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