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* Wondering if I should apply for the coming match?
  pinochioishere - 05/24/18 17:13
  I already spent thousands of dollars on the previous match only to realize an important lesson. My family recommends applying this coming season. Would like some honest advise.  
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  pinochioishere - 05/24/18 17:33
  The previous season even though I worked very hard, had good scores, no red flag, spent 9000 dollars on application, and everybody cheered me up saying I would match, then it came as a shock when I didn't.

I am not ready to give up but I am considering my financial situation.
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  pinochioishere - 05/24/18 17:36
  Family medicine is what I have always wanted to do, I am not interested in doing anything else, but I really need to secure a residency which can teach me to become a family physician.

Not matching in the previous match took a toll on my bank account, and now I am trying to see how I can manage to apply.
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  virgo32 - 05/24/18 17:48
  in how many programs did you apply and how many interviews did you get? and please share your credentials?  
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  dreamstocometrue - 05/25/18 11:43
@pinochioishere: I hear you and can relate to the frustration. I matched this after two tries, have an attempt on of the USMLE exams. In 2017, I emailed to about 100 ACGME programs for externship/observership/research, through hard work and not giving up, got two externship and one short research project. Only applied to the programs I interviewed year before and these three programs, and matched at one of the programs I did externship.

I was in three different states and had to borrow money from friends and family.

If you leave your email, I will be more than happy to share a couple of FM programs where you might be able to do externship or can try to put you in touch with some of my friends who are either starting FM this year or already in residency.

Stay focused and don't let frustration/challenges drain too much of your energy.

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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  zainmd - 05/25/18 15:43
I also applied last year for a residency but didn't match. Can you please suggest something for me too. I would really appreciate your help. Please help me find some externship/attachment in a family medicine residency program.
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  zainmd - 05/25/18 15:46
  My email address is  
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  sublimation - 05/25/18 18:08
  @dreamstocometrue.....I will be obliged if you kindly share FM programs which offer externship, please.
I am in washington DC area. My email= tuffusmle AT

pl put....> list of family medicine programs.... in the subject box. Thank you so much
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  dreamstocometrue - 05/25/18 23:51
I didn't do FM or IM externship, I don't know program coordinators in these two fields.

A friend of mine will be starting FM residency in Brooklyn NY. Once I get email of the coordinator I will email it you. A friend of mine was at St Luke's Hospital/Warren Hospital Program, he did either an observership or externship there. You can contact the program, I am sure coordinator's is published on the website.

Best strategies is to go meet coordinators, residency, attending in person. Cafeteria is a good place to run into these people :) Have multiple copies of your CV ( 1 page abbreviated as well as detailed version), with copy of usmle scores, ecfmg, certificate, visa documents (just in case a program wants to know or have restrictions). However, I would wait till first week of August to give program coordinators a break, they will barely have situated their incoming residents.

I would also approach DO programs, because they are going to be ACGME soon. If you do that you will probably be the only or a few MD applicants seeking observership/externship opportunity. You can also ask for an audition rotation (its usually 4 weeks), which is basically a on job interview. For any direct patient care, if allowed, you will be asked to provide a proof of malpractice insurance.

Its a long weekend, most people are in vacation mode. I will contact some other people on Tuesday and if I hear anything, I will email to every one who has posted their email here.

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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  usmle19788 - 05/26/18 01:26
  hello dreamstocometrue,
please share the information for extership/observership, really appreciate for your help.
my email id-
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* Re:Wondering if I should apply for the coming matc
  dreamstocometrue - 05/26/18 09:37

The ONLY magic to getting an externship/observership at an ACGME program is COMMITTED WORK EFFORT, LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

This was my mind set in 2017 :)

I created a spread sheet of programs, contact list, time zone, emailed, called, followed up via email and phone. Out of 100+ programs,a very LIMITED number of programs got back to me. Most of the emails or phone calls, "sorry, we don't offer", "we are filled", "check back later". I kept calling them and build rapport with program coordinators. It was my full time job to find a way to get an opportunity to be at a ACGME program before END of September 2017.

After months of hard work, I was was able to do two externships and a small research program at ACGME programs. I was constantly calling or emailing the program coordinators, they finally realized that they can't get rid of me and I feel appreciated my dedication. This helped me to back at the programs to do another round of externships before the programs had to submit their rank order list. I wanted to make sure that the PD, residents, and other attending physicians knew that I was SERIOUS and want to be at their program. I took it upon myself to be on call with residents, helped out with their patients, found a way to help attending with their presentations.

This is not to tote my own horn, but this is what I did, and feel gave me the awesome opportunity to train in the field of my choice. I took one of the Step twice, scores average, but was done with Step 3 before reaching out to programs for externship.

Its hard to fake commitment/dedication, because we know when we and others are faking it.

There are several of you have expressed interest in externship in FM, why not get together, create spread sheet based on time zone, and call, email, follow up, follow up, till either they say STOP bothering US or say when you would like to schedule it.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to every one.

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