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* How to match. What do you need to match
  tauko - 06/03/18 02:16
  Fellow doctors..I have Been through all this and am ultimately finishing residency soon. I would like to give some advice on the steps i took. Its just how i feel and not necessary that you have the same situation.

-In order to make your resume need clinical experience/Research...some programs like a candidate with research...while some like an experienced candidate with previous clinical experience. Either way it should be shown that you want to pursue medical career and you are constantly trying to improve yourself.

- Step 3 is a big thing. It shows that you don't have to worry about exams and focus solely on residency during residency. And it also shows you have tried your best to finish everything needed for residency.

-Try to connect with with the programs coordinators long before the application date. Build a relation with them so that they will know you are interested in their program.

-If called for interview...try to build a relation with the residents. the senior residents will be the one working with you and if they feel that you are a easy candidate to work with with, it will act on your favor.

-Tips to be called for interview:
Its a lot harder these days if you are a FMG. ITS VERY TOUGH THESE DAYS AND LUCK PLAYS A GOOD ROLE TOO. TRY TO GET GOOD SCORES. Also have your step 3 ready. reference works a lot. If somebody knows you well..Ask them to explain to the program how good you are. If you dont know interest in what you are interested, talk to program coordinators, email program directors, Ask for an externship in the program, get good scores. SCORES ALWAYS MATTER, go visit the program and talk to Attendings, program coordinators directly.

-During an interview- Show the program that you are smart. Ask good questions. Be humble and easy going. ALWAYS BE EAGER TO LEARN. NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING. Talk to residents, ask about the opportunities you have in the program that will help build yourself rather than asking salary and housing.

-During interview- be yourself. REMEMBER that you are to be matched so that you can better yourself. Talk about how the program may help you become a better doctor and how the program can teach you more. HUNGER TO LEARN AND HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED as COMPARED TO OVERSMART PEOPLE.

-Its a tough day going through all the stress during travel and interview, but be calm and happy. YOU ARE ONE STEP FROM ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL.

-Good Luck Doctors. Never give up hope.
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* Re:How to match. What do you need to match
  dreamstocometrue - 06/06/18 16:43

@tauko: I agree whole heartedly. Getting a residency as an IMG is a full time job. There is NO easy way to get extersnhips/research opportunities at ACGME program. One needs to be who they are and need to consistently show that they are determined and team player. Its important to keep in touch with programs/people who have NOT responded to your request for research/clinical experience at their institution.

I followed the path you have shared and feel extrmely fortunate to have the opportunity to train in my field of choice.

CONSISTENT, HONEST, FULL TIME EFFORT is the ONLY MAGIC to MATCH in my opinion/experience.
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* Re:How to match. What do you need to match
  rj2017 - 06/09/18 21:45
  @tauko: Thank you very much for sharing your experiences in obtaining a residency position. I am an IMG too with step 3 left and will apply for 2019 Match. I am currently working as a Medical Assistant, but I am not sure if this could be counted as clinical experience. I am also trying to look for externship/observership opportunity. Could you please be so kind to share the programs where you had your externship or residency? I can be reached at Thank you so much for your kindness and time.  
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* Re:How to match. What do you need to match
  virgo32 - 07/14/18 11:54
  @tauko thank you. is it okay to apply without CS Results and will upload it later?
@rj2017 can you please share is this your 1st year in the match and did you apply last year?
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* Re:How to match. What do you need to match
  pinochioishere - 07/15/18 20:08
  I just need a chance to get into residency and I am certain I will excel during residency ,I just need a step into the residency, I got the scores, I got the experiences, I got the ability to work hard, I just need a chance to get my foot into a residency program  
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* Re:How to match. What do you need to match
  pinochioishere - 07/15/18 20:10
  Just give me a chance to become a resident, I am certain I will succeed through my hard work.... there is a saying everybody deserves another chance, I haven't even gotten one chance yet  
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