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* Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  parkinson123 - 06/07/18 17:18
  Hi doctors
Can you give me an advice.
I graduated from the university in 2002. After that I followed research path (PhD, Postdoc, researcher, all in Canada) and now I would like to try to do neurology residency. By the way all my research is about neuroscience, I am working with humans, neurophysiology research: EEG, EMG, brain stimulation, brain imiging etc.
Should I try STEP exams or it is useless after such a long time, I will just loose time, several years.
Thanks in advance
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* Re:Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  psychoroxxy - 06/07/18 17:51
  You have a PhD ... that is a great achievement in itself.

The road to residency although not impossible can be frustrating especially for ones who are in such later stages of life.

Choose wisely OR continue building on what you have.
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* Re:Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  niko8800 - 06/07/18 18:35
  - high scores
- usce
-strong LOR
- make connections with neurologists in the us

all these can help you.
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* Re:Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  dreamstocometrue - 06/08/18 08:37

I have a feeling most people post on this forum just to feel connected and combat loneliness of the IMG experience, which can be therapeutic. However, its NOT OKAY to keep asking the same question without implementing the feedback one receives from this forum.

I think that most of us questions, to confirm our own answers :)

niko8800 - 05/13/18 16:24

Hi colleagues

I am a researcher in the field of neuroscience and want to do neurology residency in the USA. As a researcher, I have many journal publications, conference papers, posters, grants. What is the problem, I graduated in 2003. However, after that time I did PhD, post-doc, worked as a researcher, all in neuroscience. I have major clinical experience gap but if we take into account research, the gaps can be filled out. By the way, I work in Canada and I am a permanent resident in Canada.

- is it realistic to get into neurology residency, in my case?
- if yes, how can I increase my chances?

Thanks in advance
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* Re:Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  niko8800 - 06/08/18 14:37
  I asked similar question a while ago. Neurologists are more prone to go to neuroscience, because in this field research is very important. But after some time they realize that they should switch bach to clinical activities.  
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* Re:Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  niko8800 - 06/08/18 14:39
  I know many neurologists who are trained abroad and now are researchers, professors in Canada, also in the USA.  
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* Re:Old IMG: graduated in 2002
  kavya@4a1 - 06/11/18 12:56
  The chances may be less but not impossible.

Getting high scores, having continuous hands-on clinical experience in the same specialty and gaining strong LORs, making strong CV. Also, to have better chances try to get connections which help you in the match process.
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