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* HELP!!!! ASAP J-1 Visa category changing
  bushraaaa - 06/08/18 00:36
  Hi Doctors,

Recently I got accepted in family Medicine residency program , and I am currently on J-1 Research Visa and still uploading the documents on the ECFMG J-1 sponsorship , But I still figuring out how to get approval on the research mentor letter and the Director support letter.
every time I upload these letters the ECFMG reject them because they don't explain clearly the how my research scholar is related to the clinical activity on the purposed clinical program.

please let me Know if anyone had this problem before, and please if any on has a sample of any on of these letter email me so I get inspired by them and figure out the problem.

plz guys help me out!!!!!

my email :

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* Re:HELP!!!! ASAP J-1 Visa category changing
  dreamstocometrue - 06/08/18 08:18
Why not call ECGMG or residency program coordinator and PD.
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* Re:HELP!!!! ASAP J-1 Visa category changing
  bushraaaa - 06/08/18 08:25
  I have called the ECFMG and they said they want the letter to explain clearly the relation btw research and residency.
my program coordinator never heard of it
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* Re:HELP!!!! ASAP J-1 Visa category changing
  dreamstocometrue - 06/10/18 08:24
The letter needs to demonstrate that the research is connected to learning objectives/expectations of the residency program.

For example if the research focuses on finding new method of knee replacement that is going reduce recovery time, then the letter need show HOW this research is going to translate into skills needed to be an effective orthopedic surgery resident. May be NOT the best example, but I hope it helps.

Look at the your research objective and match them learning objectives/job description of residency
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