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* Nursing to residency
  foreigndr - 08/02/18 13:38
  Tried/applied for residency match for three four years. Currently in a nursing program, half way through with a vision of applying again. Anybody in same situation? Please reply.  
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  rkus - 08/04/18 19:02
  hi where are you doing the nursing program? How long is it?

Did you have to take the prerequisites ?
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  foreigndr - 08/04/18 22:41
  I am doing it in a community college. It is six quarters long which takes two years. I had to take prerequisites. But if you have transcript that fulfills their requirements you may not have to take everything. I am in Washington State.  
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  zainmd - 08/06/18 14:07
  Hello Foreigndr
I am also interested in applying for BSN nursing (the accelerated program) and then go down the NP route while still applying for a residency. Is the admission process for BSN competitive? Also, what is the take of the college on the fact that a physician is going to a nursing school? What should I mention in my personal statement?
I would really appreciate your input.
Thank you.
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  foreigndr - 08/07/18 14:14
  Hi, accelerated BSN is a perfect choice. I have not gone for that myself. As a medical graduate you should have advantage/preference. If I were you I would go to their information session if they have any, request an appointment with one of their instructor/adviser if possible and talk with them. I was honest with my situation in my personal statement. I explained what motivated me to follow this route. My school/instructors are nice. I do not sense any negativity on the fact that being a physician I am attending a nursing school. Hope you find this helpful.  
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  mithra2017 - 08/07/18 15:59
  @zainmd, I completed BSN accelerated program. Meeting with the Program coordinator will surely help. Your Personal statement mostly highlight your passion towards Clinical/Patient experiences. Please do not mention anything about USMLE or Residency to anyone in the program. Though I observed most of the students aim for Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and rest of them for NP programs in future. Your goal will be residency. Good luck!  
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  zainmd - 08/08/18 14:16
  Thank you for the reply Foreigndr and mithra2017. I really appreciate your inputs. is the accelerated program? Is it doable with family/kids? Is the NCLEX tough? Also, what is the job prospect after completion of BSN?

Thank you.
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  reactant - 08/08/18 19:27

the NCLEX is not tough. Go to and check out their sample questions on uworld. Cake.

Job prospects: huge

Accelerated programs: vary but its a full time intense program. generally the first few course will be easy for MDs, ie Anatomy and physio, patho, pharm

Source: nurse before MD
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* Re:Nursing to residency
  zainmd - 08/09/18 12:34
Thank you for the input. I appreciate that.
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