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* Should I Apply?
  confusedjuice - 08/02/18 17:11

I am an IMG (green card) who got a very low Step 1 score (204). I have yet to give CK (plan is Oct.) and CS (Dec.) I should get my ECFMG Cert. before Rank Order List (Feb 20)

Graduated last year - 3 months US Clinical Experience

I am thinking of still going ahead with the Match for this year because I have an attitude of what's the worst that could happen? Maybe I get a chance somewhere and some miracle happens. But should I really go ahead with it? Is it worth the money and time spent?

And I have done nothing yet but could somebody guide me as to how I should apply?
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* Re:Should I Apply?
  babesiosis - 08/02/18 17:33
ill talk to u on skype about that
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* Re:Should I Apply?
  nanaki - 08/02/18 19:22
  You will waste a ton of money.
Your results won't be in by the time PDs look at applications so you will go in one of the late "waves" for interviews if you get one at all, provided that you ace CK with a score over 250.
The fact that you are an IMG will warrant in most cases having an ECFMG certificate in hand for you to be considered for interviews.

If you have a few thousands to spare, by all means apply.
If you think you need more time to get the best score in CK, don't rush it. If you get a low score in CK too you will probably be done.
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* Re:Should I Apply?
  neurogirl91 - 08/02/18 22:35
  Donít apply without CK. Take CK do some research get some USCE and apply broadly! Good luck!  
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* Re:Should I Apply?
  smartpc - 08/03/18 09:01
  From a Coordinator - Don't waste money applying for the 2019 Match. If you do not have a complete application with score results, you will not be interviewed. Programs compile rank order lists well before February, and without a CS result, you will not be considered. Wait a year and do well on your exams!  
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* Re:Should I Apply?
  lingala - 08/04/18 11:38
  It wont be good for the application, you should have all the scores with you while applying for the match process. You can apply for next year match as you are a recent graduate. Try to get hands-on rotation for the application which is more useful for the application.  
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* Re:Should I Apply?
  confusedjuice - 08/06/18 00:52
thanks for all your great advice guys. Really appreciate it. I've ended up deciding that I won't apply this year and focus more on getting a great CK score and passing CS. I would appreciate any more general advice.
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