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* Pathology residency aspirant
  imkds - 08/07/18 09:47
  Hi, I'm an IMG with the following credentials: 226/244/CS-Pass/223 all first attempt and yog 2017 and I require a visa preferably H1B. I have 2 US lors in Path and research publications. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could tell me the minimum number of programs I may need to apply to so that I get at least a few interviews this season. Thanks!  
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* Re:Pathology residency aspirant
  kavya@4a1 - 08/08/18 10:37
  You have good chances of getting matched but you need to have hands-on clinical experience in the same specialty and can get strong LORs. You need to apply more than 150 programs where you may be getting more IVs for the match.  
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* Re:Pathology residency aspirant
  imkds - 08/12/18 13:31
  Thanks @kavya@4a1! I do have hands-on clinical experience and 2 strong LoRs from the US that are speciality-specific. There aren't as many positions in pathology as there are say for internal medicine which is why I am worried about getting interviews..  
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* Re:Pathology residency aspirant
  khanomer61 - 08/13/18 05:03
  Can any one tell me how can i get hand on experience and lors in pathology. What are the programs ?? and how to apply there?  
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