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* Medical Assistant or Clinical Research. Advise pls
  med786 - 08/09/18 18:12
  I unfortunately didnt match last year. I am an US IMG from a top tier carribbean med school but that really doesnt matter. I graduated in Oct 2017. During late spring I did 2 observerships just to keep updated with the clinicals after I found out that I didnt match. I am currently working in a peds clinical research as Research Intern.

I am planning to apply to IM /FM. I also want to apply for psych this year but unfortunately only have 6 weeks of core rotation in psych and didnt do any electives. I recently came across a Medical Assistant job offer in a psych clinic. I am not sure whether to go ahead apply for that and leave research once i get the job or stick with research. Advantage of Medical Assistant is patient interaction, hx taking, etc whereas research i dont have those. Can someone please give me an input whether its better to do research or take medical assitant postiion whether its in psych or primary care field?
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* Re:Medical Assistant or Clinical Research. Advise
  dreamstocometrue - 08/09/18 19:16
Its a tough call. If you need money to survive now, than a paid position either clinical or research takes precedence. However, both position are volunteer, than go where you can get an ACGME, or ACGME afflicted LOR.

Review NRMP match data, you will find that IMG's had a much higher rate of matching in FM/IM compare to psychiatry, if I remember correclty 65% + US MD and DO seniors preferred psychiatry compare to 30%+ IM/FM. Please double check the numbers.

If you don't have genuine interest, background, LOR in psychiatry, I would suggest not to apply to psychiatry. It will be waste of time and money. Don't consider psychiatry as backup.
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* Re:Medical Assistant or Clinical Research. Advise
  parmesh495 - 08/13/18 11:11
  Medical Assistant will not be considered as USCE, try to get hands-on clinical experience where you will be having direct contact with the patients and will be gaining strong LORs which can be helpful for the application.  
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