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* What are my chances to get interview(s) this year?
  alirocumab - 08/10/18 09:55
  Hi all. So besides a good step 1 score (264) I don't have a single f*****g accomplishment yet in the US, except for an allied health job in the hospital (no direct patient contact). No observership, no externship, no research - nothing.

Provided I can scramble some LORs from physicians I have met, what is my chance to even get any interviews from IM programs this year without ECFMG certificate and US clinical experience or even observership? Should I even bother applying or should I instead take other exams and do some other things and apply next year?

My YOG is 2017, GPA good to very good, top 5% of class, some research in Eastern Europe, but didn't publish, some teaching experience, and a couple of other relevant extracurricular activities, etc.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.
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* Re:What are my chances to get interview(s) this ye
  alirocumab - 08/11/18 04:01
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* Re:What are my chances to get interview(s) this ye
  parmesh495 - 08/13/18 11:05
  For IMGs it is important t o have all the step scores with them while applying to the residency match and need to be ECFMG certification for applying to the programs. Also, you need to have hands-on rotation for getting more chances of getting matched. Try to get them and then apply for the match.  
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* Re:What are my chances to get interview(s) this ye
  neurogirl91 - 08/13/18 12:58
  No one can tell you your chances. And even if you can, will that stop you from applying? Just take a leap of faith and hope for the best. There is no 100% guarantee in this thing  
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* Re:What are my chances to get interview(s) this ye
  czechgirl07 - 08/14/18 09:22
  Yeah, you will need to wait a year.
You do need at least step 2 and 2cs, and you need to be ESFMG certified first. That is a requirement. Also try talking to the doctors you know about letting you "observe them". It would really help to get some US clinical experience that way. Your score on Step 1 is good, and that is very important for you to be successful with Match. So you are on a good way. Make sure your Step 2 score is just as good and add some us clinical experience.
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* Re:What are my chances to get interview(s) this ye
  alirocumab - 08/15/18 10:29
  Thank you guys for all your input. Having people tell me to build a complete and decent application and apply next year is exactly what I want to hear. Generally, I like to take my time a bit and build more confidence about any major process like this.

On the other hand, my family and friends are really getting on my case and advise me to apply this year because I have nothing to lose. All of them seem to know someone who knows someone who took their CS and/or CK anywhere from October to end of January and still got an interview that year and matched. I am assuming that they probably had connections at that place and the program coordinators, etc were expecting an update on their score/result and extended interview as a result.

Over the last few days, I called several program coordinators of programs (both university and community ones) that do not seem to require ECFMG certificate from IMGs at the time of application. I asked them if they consider applications without CK and CS results and if incomplete application this year would sort of flag/disqualify me from potentially getting an interview from the same program next year. All of them said that my incomplete application this year wouldn't hurt my chances next year. As for my question if I should apply this year, all of them said they at least want to have CS result when considering to extend interview to an IMG. However, some said that if my CS result will be up in December, I may still get an interview because they still extend interviews in December. Two of them said that even CS is not an absolute deal breaker and that a lot will depend on who else applied this year and it is ultimately a program director's decision and that if I want it really badly this year and can afford it, I shouldn't miss any opportunity to apply.

So I guess the gist of it is that it is not impossible if the goal is to match somewhere. I am just not sure if I can scramble enough energy and commitment and be prepared for an emotional ride and the tight schedule and timing for this year. I will post an update here if I end up applying and how it goes.
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* Re:What are my chances to get interview(s) this ye
  esmanny - 08/18/18 13:26
  just stumble with this post.
you seem to be bright on how you handled your situation. that big number in your step 1 is a good presentation and must push you further. As you acknowledge will be tough to gamble all that is on your plate, but with determination, we will hear your victorious update. Good luck.
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