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* Feeling Lost
  pbk07 - 09/12/18 02:26
  Hi Everyone, I have been waiting for applying this match season but unfortunately I met with an accident and have multiple ligament injuries in my knee.I was advised for a surgery. Can someone tell me is it okay to attend an interview with a dragging leg because I don't want to miss this chance since my parents have been investing a lot in me till now for all this opportunity and I don't want to make them feel devastated.Someone please advise me.  
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* Re:Feeling Lost
  anidube - 09/12/18 09:56
  i think you should because you cant control accident, it is not in your hand. just be ready to say what happened to you, why you are dragging your leg. nobody will downgrade you because you are dragging at that moment. you can have nice conversation and build rapport with your dragging leg. good point is you already no what question they are going to ask you and the 1 st one. be well versed for it.  
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* Re:Feeling Lost
  kindmd - 09/12/18 13:36
  or may be if you get an interview date, see if they have date for another month by which you expect to be healed...or are you saying it will take you the entire IV season to be healed?  
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* Re:Feeling Lost
  mymle2017 - 09/13/18 10:54
  Hi pbk07,
Remember that "FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS." If your surgery can wait, put a hold on it; if not, just do it and hope.
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* Re:Feeling Lost
  jussoju - 09/20/18 18:11
  Don't delay the surgery, I can't believe there are doctors here that are saying "if your surgery can wait, put a hold on it."

Your interview dates are going to come in Oct-Jan. You'll have gone through surgery by then and recovered to an extent. Just let the programs know what happened. They will never hold this against you. If anything, it is something additional to remember you by.
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* Re:Feeling Lost
  esmanny - 09/20/18 21:44
  I am sorry to hear this story. I think you should apply, do your best for your health in the meantime when interviews start coming in, communicate about your situation and they will definitely arrange your visit as your health improves. Best of luck.  
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* Re:Feeling Lost
  tmo20 - 09/21/18 08:51
  Yes, you should get the surgery done asap, and you should also go for the interview if it falls after your surgery.
Even if you have to go with crutches after the surgery, go for it. Because they will see a trait in you that is called "perseverance". That is one trait that will explain by itself. If you can make it till there, you have proven that you can make it through residency.
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