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* Early invitations
  edu500ac - 09/30/18 21:44
  I am afraid that I have posted this request at the wrong place. Anyway, I would like to know whether somebody received early invitations for interview, I mean, invitations sent between September 15 and September 30, before MSPEs are released. I got really good USMLE scores (260+ in step 1 and 280+ in step 2 CK). However, I received only one early invitation. I applied to 100 programs. People say that early invitations represent 20% of the total. This means that I should expect 5 invitations at most. Is it correct?
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* Re:Early invitations
  john2017 - 10/01/18 19:31
  what speciality did u apply to? on average approximately 17-18% of invitations are sent out in September according to the NRMP survey  
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* Re:Early invitations
  jussoju - 10/03/18 18:15
  You should not be freaking out yet. September interviews for AMGs represent 20% of total. That is because AMGs get invitations first. Most IMGs get interviews during October. If you had a couple last month, then great, add it to the total. But any IMG should be expecting the bulk of their interviews to come during October. For IMGs, Sept interviews are probably closer to 10%, with a huge variation/standard deviation. You need to also realize that AMGs constitute most of the match, which can skew percentages.

100 programs in one specialty is more than enough for someone with your scores.
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* Re:Early invitations
  edu500ac - 10/10/18 12:29
  Hi, Jussoju.

Thank you for explaining the interview part of the match process. Since I received 1 early invitation, and I should expect 10 invitations, I still am in the game. This comes as a relief for me. This is the second week of October, and I received 6 invitations overall. I hope I will receive at least 4 more invitations. By the way, I am applying to IM.
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* Re:Early invitations
  jeffboy83 - 10/10/18 16:08
  I think your scores are low, u should take step 3 too :))  
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