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* IV preparation videos
  jaideva - 10/11/18 17:48
  I am an IMG and am now practicing internal medicine in a university hospital . I have created these video modules that will help you learn
1. How to respond to program coordinator's email to set up a friendly open communication
2. Research programs thoroughly using their website and other tools so you can prepare your answers specific for programs
3. Specific questions to ask 1st, 2nd, 3rd year senior residents
4. Personality development tips/exercises to help you converse with residents and attending in friendly confident manner
5. Details on how to answer each and every question with actual IMGs answering the questions in right and wrong way to understand the difference.

Please click here for details:

Email me at for questions. Thank you.

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* Re:IV preparation videos
  adeen - 10/14/18 00:13
  Any one have psych interview from Bronx Lebanon or mount Sinai elmhurst psych programs??  
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