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* Matching Process
  sibrahim - 10/14/18 21:04
  Dear Friends,
I am an old graduate, applied to many programs but expecting interview from one program. Question is that If I am interviewed and next I have to go for matching process then how I should go ? Please advise. Thanks
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* Re:Matching Process
  residencymatters1 - 10/15/18 01:12
You may want to look at this link for details:

In short, after you are done with interviews, you submit a rank order list using NRMP website. You need to create an account there. You not only need to create a ROL but also need to certify it before the deadline.

Take a look at NRMP website for official deadlines.

Hope that helps!


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* Re:Matching Process
  sibrahim - 10/15/18 09:36
  Thanks for your good suggestions.  
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* Re:Matching Process
  parmesh495 - 10/16/18 13:53
  After completing the interview process you need to provide Rank order list in which you will provide which you will place every university which you have interviewed in an order. After that you will be provided the Match result  
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