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* Physician assistant program or PhD in something?
  dunya2009 - 10/15/18 02:06
  Hello Everyone!

I am an old grad. I passed USMLEs more than 7 years ago, but I didn't mach. In fact, my scores weren't that impressive. Things have gotten harder after having a family.

Which one do you guys think better to get into: Physician assistant program or PhD in something? I am a US citizen now.
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* Re:Physician assistant program or PhD in something
  pradoc - 10/15/18 15:29

Since you are a US citizen, there are a plenty of opportunities to consider.
Clinical research - Clinical trials are an area with an increase in demand for clinicians for a leadership role.
I am an FMG currently working in academia as a clinical trial scientist, I am associated with physician-scientist doing some amazing clinical research and hope that this would help or pave a path for my residency.

I came here on a student visa for a Master's in the clinical research program, which provided me a platform to explore the unknown fields in medicine. I don't have great scores but my associations and work experience have given me hope that low scores and attempts are not an end to residency.

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* Re:Physician assistant program or PhD in something
  dunya2009 - 10/15/18 18:09
  I did apply for clinical research jobs at a couple of hospitals but I wasn't accepted. I honestly don't know how this thing works. I feel like I should get a degree of some sort just for job security.  
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* (Online REVIEWS?) RE: I do not know about
  gotmylicense2020 - 03/27/19 16:28


I do not know about you…but an IMG’s passage of the USMLE with a first attempt high score, for almost anyone with reasonable (1 year) US clinical experience, creates a 70-85% chance of matching in a primary care residency in the USA. Failure, will seriously reduce those numbers…We are not ‘looking for hot dogs or hamburgers here…, ‘ in order to get their (Amazon?) ratings. The people that write very unusual and unverified information on these fora, appear to not have any “idea what they are talking about...“ (‘blind leading the blind???...’).
They also fail to realize that given the above-described importance of the USMLE, and clinical experience with good letters of recommendation, that these credentials are very likely (add Spanish speaking, and research, and grad degrees etc) to lead to jobs that will start at $130K, and escalate very quickly-with 4-5 years of practice experience- to $180-$240+k per annum in total compensation packages.
In light of the above overall circumstance, I strongly advise you to view an IMG- friend’s (Now a PGY-V) ‘real story-‘ 187,387+ views-(FULL-BLOWN WORK-UP)- blog with the keywords’ search terms provided below (along with a topical index). GL and GB YOU..


FREE Registration Information at TOP KEY WORDS’ SEARCH RESULT (187,386

IMG passed USMLE and got IM residency

• “Landing here…”

• Paid jobs

• Clinical experience

• Research experience

• Graduate programs

• USMLE passage-GUARANTEED and non guaranteed (“ THE REAL STORY”)

o Course (online or live or other tutoring services)
 Experiences,
 Comparisons,
 Outcomes tallied


• “IMG-favoring-” residencies


• Statements

• Interviews

• Residency

• Salaries

• Practice development
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* Re:Physician assistant program or PhD in something
  nandu@peds - 03/27/19 17:52
Dont lose hope for dreams. keep trying.
even i am old grad with PG in pediatrics from home country . even i am trying for residency in case if i dont match then second option for clinical research course. there are so many online course for clinical research. some of courses accept USMLE scores too. TOEFL must.
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* Re:Physician assistant program or PhD in something
  dreamz942 - 03/27/19 21:27
  nandu@peds can you please tell about the clinical research course in more detail. Do we need to go for a masters or get the certification?  
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* Re:Physician assistant program or PhD in something
  nandu@peds - 03/27/19 21:49
  email me.
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