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* End of the road??
  wesley18 - 10/24/18 09:07
  Pls need honest advice here guys.
2011 grad. Green card holder
200 step 1 and 3 attempts on step 2ck (208,205, 212). Just had a lot i was dealing with at the time.
Step 2cs and step 3(217) pass on 1st attempt.
Didnt match in last 3 season applications.
Wrote U.K. exams and practice there. Also passed MRCP certification exams in the U.K
Completed a masters program in occupational health from the U.S.
Still looking to match as I have all my family in the U.S. No interviews still.
Time to give up?
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* Re:End of the road??
  neurogirl91 - 10/24/18 09:42
  How many interviews did you have in the past?  
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* Re:End of the road??
  sarrismo - 10/24/18 11:15

I am sorry to hear about your situation. With your attempts on ck getting random interviews will be hard but not impossible. Perhaps you could try creating contacts with physicians where you did your masters program. Also if you did observerships/externships you should reach out to those physicians and ask if they could talk to programs on your behalf. Wish you the best!
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* Re:End of the road??
  virgo32 - 10/24/18 11:23
  @wesley About how many programs did you apply? did you get any IVs in the last 3 matches?  
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* Re:End of the road??
  wesley18 - 10/24/18 13:30
  Thanks a lot guys for the reply.
I have never got an interview. But didn't have much credentials then. I was praying some practice and the masters could boost my chances this year.
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* Re:End of the road??
  wesley18 - 10/24/18 13:32
  i have applied to 76 programs so far- mainly im, fm and pathology. i have no background in psych so didn't bother to go there  
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* Re:End of the road??
  bullyball - 10/24/18 16:35
  76 programs is way too little. You also spread yourself too thin by splitting those 76 across 3 fields. I'm not sure about your chances this year and wish you luck this season but if it doesn't work out and you want to maximize your odds next year, focus on applying to one field and with your failures, try to set a budget for at least 200 programs in that specialty (after researching of course). Good luck  
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* Re:End of the road??
  nanaki - 10/25/18 08:24
  This gets more ridiculous each year
200 programs would be around $5000 plus travel expenses which after residency is easty but before it may be impossible for some.

Contacts are essential for old graduates, no matter how good scores are or how much experience they have. Needless to say it's basically impossible with low scores and attempts. Yes, there are success stories but those are few and rare.

Being a 7 year graduate with attempts and low scores you will have a very difficult time finding a residency position as you have already noticed.
If you have money to spare keep applying but don't do it randomly. You need a strong contact and a lot of USCE in the same program.
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* Re:End of the road??
  cloudyeyes - 10/25/18 10:49
  Wesley1 can I have your email? I know about something that can help.send me your email or Whatsapp. What state are you in?  
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* Re:End of the road??
  neurogirl91 - 10/25/18 12:14
  Wesley, its definitely not the end of the road but i think i have the resources to help you (obviously i wont be asking for a fee). Please leave a non-personal email here so i can contact you
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* Re:End of the road??
  shivansh - 10/25/18 13:36
  Dont give up you have chance, it is always good to apply for more than 150 programs to get the IVs. Also try to get hands-on clinical experience which are more useful for the application along with the scores, because they provide strong LORs and can show that you are clincally active.  
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