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* Too LATE?
  1usmler - 10/26/18 12:03
Old IMG but is it too late to start the application now? So many things delay the process.
step 1 234
step 2 ck 254
step 2 cs pass
all 1st atmpt

thank you! so frustrating.
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* Re:Too LATE?
  parmesh495 - 10/29/18 13:58
  I think it will be late to apply for match because programs will be looking at the application which are submitted first and will filter the application which are provide late.

As you are an old grad try to get hands-on rotations get LORs and show PDs that you are clinically active.
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* Re:Too LATE?
  greatmedic - 10/29/18 19:24
  if money isn't a problem you can apply now, but research for programs who still have open spots. I applied late (midoctober) and I have 2 IVs waiting for more.  
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* Re:Too LATE?
  shamala - 11/02/18 13:50
  Yes you can apply for programs but research to the programs at the scores they accept and the cutoff date for graduation and apply. Also get hands-on rotations to strengthen the application.  
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