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* How to get into NP programs
  dreamz942 - 10/27/18 22:46
  I am a unmatched old graduate thinking of going into the NP route. Seton hall NJ has a 2 year MSN program but costs a lot (100 000$). Others like Rutgers have accelerated BSN programs Cost around 36000$. Could anyone advice me if I should go for the direct MSN or take it slow and do ony the BSN first? Also they need us to take some prerequistes. I have no idea from where to take these prerequisites. Could someone who have gone the NP route and happens to see this forum guide me? Thanks on advance  
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  annsosam - 10/28/18 20:58
  Hi! Have you considered PA programs as well?
About pre-requisites, people take them at community colleges as well which works out cheaper. I know William Paterson University in NJ has a nursing program as well. Use the services to convert your degree into American equivalent (google the names of the companies).
You might be able to do MSN directly after some prerequisites so call and ask the admissions office if these colleges.
All the best.
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  dreamz942 - 10/31/18 17:26
  thank you for your reply annsosam. i have not looked into PA programs. I have done my credential evaluation using a service (ECE). Statistics ,ethics etc do not show up in that they were part of community medicine in our curriculum .So seems like I need to take these prerequisites. Also these prererequisites differ for each Nursing programs.I shall loook into mylocal community colleges. Direct MSN is a 2 year program (first year involves BSN) but very expensive. I am looking into all of that.Appreciate your time to reply.  
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  richa19 - 10/31/18 19:04
  hi, same story here, what is MSN program?  
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  dreamz942 - 11/01/18 07:57
  MSN is master of science in Nursing which allows us to practice as a Nursing practioner.  
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  richa19 - 11/01/18 21:59
  hi, I m also in jersey, I would say don't lose hope, applying also and doing college also for prerequisite, if you want u can email me, will talk more about that  
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  viruszica - 11/03/18 18:29
  Hey dreamz942 what up?
Don t go around getting crazy about NUrses programs. They are simple to get into... is just matter of really want it.
Many of them are done online and you can keep working also.... 1 year as nurse associate, then 1 and a half year as NP... and NOT too expensive... you can borrow your FEDERAL MONEY, that is THERE for all of us... If you need more information visit facebook or website for Dominican medical association (DMA) or another one is AHPSI.
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* Re:How to get into NP programs
  dreamz942 - 11/04/18 05:06
  Thank you for your response Viruszica. Application for accelerated BSN seems overwhelming to me now because the requirements differ for each program. One program requires TOEFL, another one asks me to repeat all the prerequisites (5 year time limit) another one requires ATI Teas.  
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