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* Any chance of IVs
  sandhu123 - 10/31/18 12:28

YOG: 2008 FEB

Step 1: 230/ 97 percentile in 2009

Step 2 CS (2nd attempt)

Step 2CK : 245 (Today)

6 months USCE, research fellowship for 2 years ina top tier university, GC holder.

No interviews what so ever. What should I do ? Take the PLAB and tell uncle sam to kiss my ass ?

Also, I JUST submitted the requested to transmit my score for CK to ERAS, how long do they take ?

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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  hardworkgirl - 10/31/18 13:12
  I am afraid you can't apply because your step1 score was in 2009 and step 2 ck is 2018. you pass 7years rules. did you apply for your ECFMG certification ?  
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  hardworkgirl - 10/31/18 13:15
  you can apply without ECFMG certificate but your step1 score was already expired. you need take it again to get ECFMG certificate. but I am also not that much familiar with this issue.  
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  sandhu123 - 10/31/18 13:46
  Sorry I missed it. I took Step 1 again and scored 223. I have ECFMG certificate this year but no contacts in the program  
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  parmesh495 - 11/01/18 12:39
  You will be getting ECFMG certificate only after all the steps are completed that is Step1 and Step2 exam.
it takes normally 1-3 days to get ECFMG certificate and it will be directly submitted to the programs or else you can email the programs directly about the ECFMG certificate.
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  shamala - 11/02/18 13:47
  Try to do hands-on rotations to improve the CV which can help your application to improve the chance of getting matched and complete the Step3 exam this will strengthen the application.  
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  sandhu123 - 11/03/18 18:50
  Thanks guys. one of my medical school letters is very old. Is there an expiry date for LoRs ?  
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  yanagi - 11/04/18 23:39
  Some programs specify: 6 months or 1 year. In general - after 2 years it is definitely old. I asked the same person to give me another with newer date.  
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* Re:Any chance of IVs
  susmles250 - 11/07/18 03:32
  try to get done with step 3 with a good score  
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