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* Match 2019!
  goinghigher2 - 11/02/18 18:43
  My fellow colleagues, as we all know this is November. Many of us are still waiting for IVs, let us stay encouraged. There are still rooms at the top. I am an old IMG with an attempt but I am still hopeful through this difficult time. Let's be cautious how we send emails to programs. Don't be too desperate to spoil the strong applications you have submitted. Stay positive!!! Stay hopeful!!! Stay strong!!!!  
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* Re:Match 2019!
  goinghigher2 - 11/02/18 18:47
  I have 1 IV so far and strongly hope to get more. On the way...  
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* Re:Match 2019!
  peterh - 11/03/18 00:17
  Im in the same boat.

What is your credentials.

Im an old grad 2008, with an attempt of ck then passed it with 232, step 1 208.

in what speciality your IV (family med, IM, path,...)

lets keep positive.
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* Re:Match 2019!
  goinghigher2 - 11/03/18 06:18
  My credentials are 235, 241, CS passed, 214. Need a visa. My IV is in IM. Sure, let's be positive because negative will not help us achieve our goal.

Quick question please, to anyone. Is it possible to change iv date directly on ERAS without contacting the program?
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* Re:Match 2019!
  sarrismo - 11/06/18 00:56
  @ goinghigher2

Yes you can change iv date directly in eras without contacting program. Make you sure you do that well in advance though.
Also, your credentials are solid. Can't believe you have just 1 iv so far. If i may ask when is your YOG, how many programs did you apply to?
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* Re:Match 2019!
  relative_risk - 11/06/18 17:49
  Do you guys know anybody who match with a single interview?
I also have one interview so far.
Best of luck!!!
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* Re:Match 2019!
  goinghigher2 - 11/10/18 06:50
  @sarrismo, thank you. I got 1 more IV this week. Still hoping to get more. YOG is 2012.

@ relative_risk, yes it is possible to match with 1. I know 3people who have matched with just 1IV. Just do your best with what you have
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* Re:Match 2019!
  hardworkgirl - 11/10/18 08:29
  yes. I knew some matched with just 1 IV but they had connection those program  
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* Re:Match 2019!
  parmesh495 - 11/10/18 14:06
  @goinghigher2 you can match with 1 IV, you can also change the IV date in ERAS with contacting programs.  
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* Re:Match 2019!
  kukal - 11/10/18 14:24
  @goinghigher2 I have 2 attempts on step 1, passed it with low score at the end (200). I passed step 2 and step 3 on first attempt. YOG 2012, have worked in primary care, pediatrics and urgent care for the past 5 years as a medical assistant/ medical scribe. This is my first time applying, and I did 2 FM/IM rotations. Got 4 strong LOR (one from chairman) but still have no interviews. I happy you got interviews and definitely you can match with one! Good luck to you, personally I have given up for this year. Debating if I should apply next year or just call it a life...  
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* Re:Match 2019!
  goinghigher2 - 11/11/18 05:55
  @ hardworking, those I know that matched with 1 IV knew nobody. For them, they said their time and chance, met. They went for the interview when they had given up, so there was no desperation in them during the interview. Never give up!!

@kukal, I still see you in the race, do not give up yet. If you really want to win, then don't quit now. If you quit for this year, what changes do you intend to make for next year application? Instead I would advice to think of what you can do now to improve your chance for an interview. For instance, you can talk to your medical assistant/scribe manager to help give a phone call of recommendation to some programs if possible. I also know someone who got an IV from a phone call recommendation. Just don't lose hope, there is still space at the top for you!
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