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* LoR expiry date
  sandhu123 - 11/03/18 18:51
  Does it have an expiry date ? Like a certain number of years ? I have a hard time finding one of the letter writers and dont know if I can withdraw the letter ?  
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* Re:LoR expiry date
  ab03 - 11/04/18 20:54
  I think there is no expiration on lor, but more recent ones weigh more than something couple of years old .... but still better than nothing  
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* Re:LoR expiry date
  shamala - 11/09/18 13:36
  There wont be a expiry date for LORs, but if you want to strengthen the application then it is always better to have a recent LORs. Having 1 year LOR is also useful for the application.  
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* Re:LoR expiry date
  kavya@4a1 - 11/09/18 14:14
  LORs will not expire then will be old LORs.

Try to get recent LORs which are more useful for the application, LOR may be from 1 year. If you have old LOR try to contact the letter writer and ask him to provide the Latest date LOR.
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* Re:LoR expiry date
  shamala - 11/10/18 14:10
  LORs will be considered as old LORs if they are 2 or 3 years back, but there is no expire date.
It will be better to contact the letter writer to get the latest date LOR.
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