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* fellowship
  sepidehsnb - 11/05/18 15:51
Can we match in fellowships
any body knows??
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* Re:fellowship
  relative_risk - 11/05/18 16:14
  If you have completed residency in your home country that fulfill the program requirements here, yes you can. However you cannot be board eligible right away afterwards. Some do fellowship and then residency.
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* Re:fellowship
  sepidehsnb - 11/05/18 19:30
  No I've done internship.
Does that count? thanks
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* Re:fellowship
  relative_risk - 11/05/18 20:48
  Usually, it is advanced training, so you need to be a specialist already. So, an internship does not count per se.
For example:
you need to have done Internal medicine and cardiology in your country, then you can apply for advanced heart failure. Or you did internal medicine and gastroenterology, then you apply for advanced pancreatology; or you did general surgery, urology, and renal transplant in your country, here you can apply for abdominal transplantation. It is designed in a way that you cannot be considered a specialist here with only the advanced fellowships, after all, you need to be board certified and will need the primary residency. It is an option for highly trained IMG with old YOG that need USCE and contacts. Or people that will go back to their countries. If you plan to stay you need to be board eligible.
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* Re:fellowship
  yengal - 11/09/18 13:39
  If you want to do fellowship then you need to first complete your residency in any specialty you want to do.

Also, internship is not considered as residency.
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* Re:fellowship
  shamala - 11/10/18 14:12
  It is always important to have residency before applying for fellowship, try to complete residency first apply for fellowship.  
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