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* match sucess story ,old fmg with multiple attempts
  blessedmd - 11/05/18 23:00
  I decided to post my story to inspire anyone here who needs it. We all hope to get great scores and match on the first try but sometimes things don't go exactly as planned.

A lot of people asked me to give up on residency and pursue a career as an NP or possibly try and get admission into a PA school. All great options but I wanted to continue as a physician and not change my career path. I knew it wouldn't be easy but giving up has never been an option. After step 2 I completed an MPH in Epidemiology/ Biostatistics which allowed me to get a job as a research coordinator in a university hospital. While working I reached out to as many doctors as I could who would allow me to rotate with them and get more hands-on experience. I realized after the first match It was unlikely i would match in that hospital so I got a similar job in a community program.
I reached out to all PD in the programs I was interested in and initially got no feedback. I kept reaching out and with the help of the residency coordinators (wonderful people who can really make a difference ), I got a few appointments.
Nothing positive happened immediately after these appointments however I constantly kept in touch and after a year I was offered a research position in my desired residency program at the hospital.
The pay was crappy, I had to work long hours but I was determined to go above and beyond to make a positive impression.
The second match I was offered a courtesy interview but didn't match, discouraged but not defeated I pressed on.
The third match I ended up with 2 IV, 1 from my community hospital program and the other Peds from a program I had rotated at during the previous year.
I was offered a prematch 2 months after the interview in my community hospital program.
After over 15,000 in exam cost, travel and redo's, applications and numerous rejections from the two previous match seasons, I finally started my residency in FM.

Please don't give up if this is something you really want, make contacts try and get research openings or volunteer if you can afford to. With red flags in your application making great contacts and impressing PD if you get a chance is vital to you matching.
But most importantly for me, I believe it's my faith that kept me going when all else failed.

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* Re:match sucess story ,old fmg with multiple attem
  dr_zafranfarooq - 11/06/18 14:50
  Congrats my friend I am an old medical graduate(2013) preparing for step 1 it’s tough journey do you recommend to do any us degree for people like me I mean old IMG I am looking for IM residency what is your advice for me do I need to get Reseach experience to make application stronger or only observership would be good enough with old IMG do you recommend applying more than 150 programs for IM at minimum what scores should I aim In step 1 and 2?minimum 230s or more?  
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* Re:match sucess story ,old fmg with multiple attem
  doc0610 - 11/06/18 18:14
  hey, is it possible to have your email? I would love to get in touch with you and ask you so me questions, if you don't mind.  
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* Re:match sucess story ,old fmg with multiple attem
  cvd - 11/10/18 12:31
  Hi blessedmd,
Could you please share your email ID or skype ID, have few questions and would like to get in touch with you.
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* Re:match sucess story ,old fmg with multiple attem
  blessedmd - 11/24/18 23:06
  Hi sorry for the late response been away from the forum for a few weeks
@dr_zafranfarooq I think this really depends on what you are able to do.research is beneficial and gives you the option of working while waiting to match.My MPH allowed me to get good paying jobs for some of the time while trying to work on my plan to match.
I would advise working in hospitals that are IMG friendly if you consider research or after a master if you need it .You likely to benefit if already known to the program.
Also try and score as high as you can on the USMLE and avoid attempts if possible.check out the forum for advise from people who were able to do great on the boards or came up with a plan that helped .
Don’t give up at any point keep believing
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* ”Are we ‘Cooking hamburgers, here…’?” (Online REVI
  gotmylicense2020 - 03/12/19 15:24
  ; RE:

I do not know about you…but an IMG’s passage of the USMLE with a first attempt high score, for almost anyone with reasonable (1 year) US clinical experience, creates a 70-85% chance of matching in a primary care residency in the USA. Failure, will seriously reduce those numbers…We are not ‘looking for hot dogs or hamburgers here…, ‘ in order to get their (Amazon?) ratings. The people that write very unusual and unverified information on these fora, appear to not have any “idea what they are talking about...“ (‘blind leading the blind???...’).
They also fail to realize that given the above-described importance of the USMLE, and clinical experience with good letters of recommendation, that these credentials are very likely (add Spanish speaking, and research, and grad degrees etc) to lead to jobs that will start at $130K, and escalate very quickly-with 4-5 years of practice experience- to $180-$240+k per annum in total compensation packages.
In light of the above overall circumstance, I strongly advise you to view an IMG- friend’s (Now a PGY-V) ‘real story-‘ 187,387+ views-(FULL-BLOWN WORK-UP)- blog with the keywords’ search terms provided below (along with a topical index). GL and GB YOU..


FREE Registration Information at TOP KEY WORDS’ SEARCH RESULT (187,386

IMG passed USMLE and got IM residency

• “Landing here…”

• Paid jobs

• Clinical experience

• Research experience

• Graduate programs

• USMLE passage-GUARANTEED and non guaranteed (“ THE REAL STORY”)

o Course (online or live or other tutoring services)
 Experiences,
 Comparisons,
 Outcomes tallied


• “IMG-favoring-” residencies


• Statements

• Interviews

• Residency

• Salaries

• Practice development
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