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* No invites :(
  sthapit17 - 11/07/18 10:19
  Recent grad 2016, 253/239/ first attempt cs passed. and 2 months observership with 2 us lors, applied to 150 programs for Im, no invites. So frustrating. Should i consider this season to be over for me??  
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* Re:No invites :(
  helga45 - 11/07/18 12:54
it ain't over til it's over.
before rank list everything is possible, there is still around 3 months to go.
be prepared to go anytime any place when you get an II, because it can be a last minute offer.
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* Re:No invites :(
  sthapit17 - 11/08/18 00:28
Thank you for your kind words. But its so frustrating. And i hear people without CK results are getting invites and i am not.
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* Re:No invites :(
  helga45 - 11/08/18 01:05
You are welcome.
you are right it is frustrating, and unfair.
the whole usmle and matching journey is like that, not for weak and average people, just breathe, time to get really upset is not here yet, there is still a room for something to happen in your life.
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* Re:No invites :(
  helga45 - 11/08/18 01:21
did you hear from the programs at all, like rejections?
your stats are great, you have to get some IVs. Are you IMG? Do you need visa? If you do not mind me asking.
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* Re:No invites :(
  sthapit17 - 11/08/18 09:55
  Yah I have received tonnes of rejections as well as a few acknowledgement letters. Yes, I am a visa requiring IMG.  
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* Re:No invites :(
  tuui11 - 11/08/18 11:06
  Iím on the same boat  
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* Re:No invites :(
  chronicglaucoma240 - 11/11/18 14:49
  Recent grad 2016, 254/251/ first attempt cs passed. and 2 months observership with 2 us lors, applied to 130 programs for Im, no invites  
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* Re:No invites :(
  chronicglaucoma240 - 11/11/18 14:50
  what can we do to improve our CV for next year?  
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* Re:No invites :(
  kukal - 11/11/18 15:36
  @chroniglaucoma40 I am in the same position :( but I know where my problem is, I have 2 attempts on Step1 and passed it with low score at the end. I a taking Step 3 in 2 weeks. You could start preparing for step 3 and take it at least by December so you can call the programs and say hey I am really interested and btw I passed step3. In the mean time go on Frieda and look for local clinics in your area that are affiliated with residency programs. See if you can find a job, whatever job, remember you have to impress the right people. I applied for a medical assistant job at a residency program here where I live and they actually called me. So I plan on doing that, I know my step1 experience does not represent my capability as a physician so you gotta find connections to prove that you are a great future physician (you have great stats btw). If there's a will there's a way....but you gotta work for it!! Good luck!!!!  
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* Re:No invites :(
  chronicglaucoma240 - 11/11/18 19:09
  how can I apply for medical assistant job?? I am a visa requiring candidate do they sponsor visas for the job??  
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