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* help
  babesiosis - 11/26/18 11:14
  hi folks
yog 2012
step 1 2attemts 199
ck 3 attempts 218
cs 1 attempt
us citizen
some programs say app deadline December 31st

do I try my luck n apply?

its time consuming looking programs individually anybody with list for IM, psych, peads and family medicine?
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* Re:help
  smartpc - 11/26/18 11:44
  From a program coordinator - Unfortunately, most programs have already sent all interviews and are maintaining wait lists at this point. Also, your scores and yog will most likely filter you out of most programs. The number of attempts and low scores are going to be difficult to overcome, even for next year. I would recommend making connections to try to secure an interview. Although it will be difficult, it is not impossible with connections to get an interview or two. The Match has become so competitive, and with scores and attempts, you will need those connections to have your application reviewed. Best of luck!  
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* Re:help
  babesiosis - 11/26/18 16:41
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* Re:help
  lingala - 11/27/18 11:57
  Most of the programs may have completed their slots, its better to apply for next year with strong CV and complete Step3 exam to make the application strong.  
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* Re:help
  shamala - 11/27/18 12:43
  I think it will be better to strengthen the application and get strong LORs for the next year. If you want to apply to the programs then try to contact them for sending the application.  
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* Re:help
  jjrodz - 11/27/18 12:47
  Youíre extremely late and your cv is not competitive. Save yourself your money.

Also you have yo be willing to research programs yourself. Donít expect someone to hand you a list of program that might consider you.
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* Re:help
  peterh - 11/27/18 15:37

I have the same creds as you do, Let go over this together. Let me know if you are down so we can start preparing for step 3 together. We can do it. Please reply back if you want to so i can give you my email and we can go from there. I live in states too.
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* Re:help
  babesiosis - 12/13/18 21:35
  @ peterh
ok send ur skype id
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* Re:help
  sepidehsnb - 12/23/18 15:36
  Can we get in touch I am in the same situation , i mean regrading YOG
Now is too late, apply next year

my email
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