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* Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  ripu97 - 11/28/18 08:39
  Hi ,I need advice. I got admission offers for mph at rutgers university, new brunsbick new jersey, loyola university( both of them hare non stem programs has OPT(optional practical training) of 1 year, Chicago and admission offer for MS in clinical research at mount Sinai, new york which has optional training period of 3 years.
Out of them which one is good for making contacts,strengthening CV for residency application ,research opportunities and jobs point of view besides scores
? Please help me with this
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* Re:Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  pradoc - 11/28/18 12:52
  Hi Ripu

I did MS clinical research from Rush University, Chicago and work at Rush.
Every institution is unique you will have to work your way out to make contacts and find your way out.
MS in clinical research gives you an extra edge over MPH, since you learn the actual tools necessary to do clinical trials and I had my colleagues who did MPH still ended up doing Clinical research jobs.
The true fact is there are hardly any jobs in healthcare if you need sponsorship with Visa, look for a university that has a good sponsorship history with job opportunities.

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* Re:Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  sarrismo - 11/28/18 19:30
  hi ripu97

In my opinion both an MPH (especially with a concentration in Epidemiology/Biostatistics) and MS in clinical research will give you skills that can get you a research job. I recently completed an MPH and working with a research group (with 1year OPT). Both degree programs can allow you make solid contacts which could prove helpful for the residency application. Personally i preferred the MPH route bcoz it was 1 year, i didn't want a 2year MS program since it would have increased my YOG even further by the time i applied.

So, in a nutshell i think both the MPH and MS can get you contacts, get you research opportunities/job and strengthen your cv. Best wishes!
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* Re:Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  struggling10 - 11/29/18 22:22
  I graduated with MS in clinical research from an Ivy League university. I applied for residency too, but have 0 interviews this year. It might help u land a job for the time being but I donít think it can help much with residency interviews and matching.
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* Re:Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  kavya@4a1 - 11/30/18 13:19
  Making contact means you can get through MPH, to improve the application try to get hands-on rotations which can improve the application.  
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* Re:Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  shamala - 11/30/18 13:29
  i think it will be better to get hands-on rotations they can strengthen the application and can help in getting contacts. Also MPH will help in getting the contacts.  
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* Re:Regarding MPH and MS in Clinical research
  pradoc - 12/04/18 11:49
  I graduated from the MS Clinical research program and work as a clinical scientist performing cancer drug trials.
It's an alternative career to work with physician scientists, seeing patients, getting hands-on exposure, making contacts, and a very decent living. But it hasn't been that promising for residency this year.
My contacts have helped me with LOR's, recommendations and all, I hope I'm on the right path and very close to my goal.
My piece of advice would be MPH or MS clinical research will give you a student work visa and it depends on how you make use of that. I stuck to the universities instead of Big Pharma so that it could help with my residency.
Go for it if you want to make a living on your own and not depend on others in this long journey.
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