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* IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 12/20/18 18:41

I am an IGM with multiple attempts in USMLE. I have more than 1 years USCE both unfortunately I did not get any interview or residency. I took few courses to meet the min requirements to be able to apply for DO program. I know they have AOA residency matching system but at the same time some MD programs accepts DO applicants. I will take me sometime and of course tuition. My question is, does it worth it? and when I apply for DO residency, do my USMLE scores availables to the programs I am applying to? PLease any inputs help!

Thank you!
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  kindmd - 12/21/18 17:14
  I don't know how you will get into a DO school if you show them you have an M.D. Most likely they will say you can't get into D.O. with an M.D.

Now if you are successful in somehow keeping this fact from them (tht you don't have an M.D.), then may be you have a shot.

Regardless of how you get in, you CANNOT Take USMLE again. Once it's taken, tht's all the chances you get. So you will have to take COMLEX and hopefully that way you can find a program where you can show COMLEX scores and get in.

With that said, I am sure residency programs will find out that you have taken USMLE when you how will that play out, Only God knows..

Good luck!
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 12/23/18 17:38
I understand it is kind of tough to be accepted to DO school. But. I am almost getting in though masters program. At the same time, DO schools has their own residency and matching through AOA and at the same time DO graduates can apply same like MD graduates. Yes, I have to take COMLEX EXAMS and cannot take USMLE anymore. Also, there is more apportunity for DO graduates for residemcy programs. These programs accepts only DO graduates.
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 12/23/18 17:44
  Also, if programs know about my usmle scores, that is fine. I am restarting new med school and different system
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  kindmd - 01/02/19 02:07
  Sure..give it a shot. I wish you all the best in your endeavors!  
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  djmetal88 - 01/02/19 13:04
  AOA and ACGME will be combined into one system for the next match. I do not know how you are going to get into DO school?  
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 01/03/19 01:07
  Thanks kind. Djmetal88, how do u know they will combine both next year?  
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  aba002 - 01/03/19 01:09
  I got accepted through masters program for 10 months and if I get good GPA will guarantee interview and acceptance into DO school.  
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  djmetal88 - 01/03/19 11:26  
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  djmetal88 - 01/03/19 11:27
  Everyone's talking about it. The above mentioned is from a Medical School. But I have heard Residents and PD's talking about it too.  
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* Re:IMG going to DO school
  djmetal88 - 01/03/19 11:29
  Graduate medical education (GME) for physicians is getting streamlined. On Feb. 26, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM), and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) announced an agreement that will combine all GME accreditation programs under the ACGME system. The change will provide consistency in how MDs and DOs are evaluated, and will give graduates access to all accredited GME programs without having to repeat education courses. It will also eliminate the need for institutions to have dually accredited allopathic and osteopathic medical residency programs.

Under the new plan, the AOA and AACOM will become ACGME member organizations, and two new osteopathic review committees will be created to set standards for programs seeking osteopathic recognition through the ACGME. The transition will begin July 1, 2015, and AOA-accredited programs will have until June 30, 2020 to apply for ACGME accreditation under the transition plan.
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