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* Immigration status
  dr_zafranfarooq - 12/30/18 13:56
  Does hospitals accepts 12 month i551 stamp or NOA1(I-797 notice)as evidence of immigration status while pending green card application?  
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* Re:Immigration status
  kindmd - 01/02/19 02:03
  Nope..they don't do "pending green card application"...

Source: I was in the same boat...flat out rejected application. In this "uncertainty" era we have in DC, they need either green card or US citizen only!
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* Re:Immigration status
  dr_zafranfarooq - 01/03/19 11:17
  How about someone having valid EAD(employment authorization document) and pending green card application?  
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* Re:Immigration status
  kindmd - 01/13/19 02:56
  i had tried tht in the past and no luck!

some programs say on their site they accept EAD, I applied to them and but didn't hear back!

to be honest, the era we are living in now with the guy who's in power in D.C, programs just don't want to take a chance!
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* Re:Immigration status
  medfq - 01/13/19 11:51
  @kindmd. What about having Employment Authorization document as an Asylee/Refugee whose asylum in USA has been granted. Could you please give your thought please. Thank you

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* Re:Immigration status
  medfq - 01/15/19 13:54
  @Kindmd.... could you check your email please. Thanks  
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* Re:Immigration status
  kindmd - 01/24/19 00:50
  I don't know which email you far I know, I didn't leave an email here.

To be honest, EAD is an EAD (the EAD will not say on what basis you got it). So to a program, regardless of what basis you got your EAD on, they just see it as an EAD.

in my experience, programs generally don't like EAD. Especially as I said in times like now. You can apply, but I wouldn't have high hopes. Your best bet is programs in NYC (but they are super competitive).

And i see that you did email went to my junk folder..I will reply to you there!
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* Re:Immigration status
  medfq - 01/25/19 07:40
  Thank you. i will check my email.  
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