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* Step 3 experience April 2018
  mangamanga - 05/16/18 23:04
  Hi everyone
mangamanga here again.
Step 1 246 step 2 254
preparation for step 3

I matched into a university program PGY 1 right now finishing up first yr
started preparing for step 3 after i started residency 2017 did my exam in April 2018
I started with CCS went through all of them first just to get an idea in August finished them in September 2017 all the cases of uworld both simulated and those written cases.repeated CCS cases two more time before my exam.
I realized that i would not be able to study durin floor weeks as i was too tired and drained i hardly got time to sleep let alone study for step 3 so i then stopped studying durin floors and would only study on day offs and during elective weeks.I kept this up until April when i did my exam.

Preparation materials:Knew i didnt have as much time to study like on step 1 n 2 so i used mtb 3 and uworld mtb 3 like a story and then noted important tables which i revised later on.I did uworld twice once with explanation the second time really quickly like 8 blocks a day pace 1hr 1 block.
I then noted down tables from uworld and kept on repeatin them.
I did UWSA 1 2 months out and got the pass mark 196? did uwsa 2 a week later and got 186.I had 2 more month so i kept studying.I dont like doin these predictive exams jst prior to exam because it usually plays with my mind

Exam score 222. the exam felt like step 2 ck i felt like i was guessin alot like i knew wht they were talkin abt but couldnt not really work out the answer.I only wanted to pass so i am so grateful this is all over.I was so nervous durin the exam .

day one had a few biostats questions every block.question stems were short.
CCS cases were all covered by uworld and those that werent i could work them out all my patients improved.I got a borderline performance on CCS

It was tough preparin for this exam durin residency.

Please ask me any question and i will be happy to answer. keep goin and dont give up.u sometimes start gettn delusional but make a plan stick to it n keep goin even tho u feel helpless sometimes focus on what u can do that day and get the job done.
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* Re:Step 3 experience April 2018
  bepositive18 - 07/26/18 15:36
  hey. congrats on ur score. was question stem long in both days  
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