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* Failed
  lauram - 07/12/18 11:03
  anyone with second attempts have tips?
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* Re:Failed
  dariasmo - 07/14/18 12:39
  where did you fail? I mean which component was the worse or the reason of your failure?  
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* Re:Failed
  dariasmo - 07/14/18 12:50
  I am studying for my second attempt, I have started my 4th time (and hopefully the last one) of my uworld. I am expedite on using primum software, because I trained on whatever simulations were available (uworld, the usmle tutorial/cases). In fact it seems that I passed my second day (MCQ and CCS).
I failed on my first day. I have to work on: Patient care diagnosis, in respiratory system and in pediatrics cases.
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* Re:Failed
  meme.fadi - 07/20/18 00:50
  How are you planning? Is doing u world 4th time helpful?  
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* Re:Failed
  defeatthebeast - 07/20/18 07:06

Don't repeat step 3 world again, I also just passed on my second attempt. First time went down by 3 points, second time passed with 205. I took the exam 1.5 months apart. Do CK uworld. Step 3 world is useless after so many times. CK is the same exact thing without ccs cases. it also has important topics such as immunodeficiency syndromes which are not seen on step 3 world but are on the test.
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* Re:Failed
  defeatthebeast - 07/20/18 07:08
  and buy the biostats world and go thru it at least 4-5 times. I did that and first attempt had a star on the left side of my score report, second time all borderline or above stars. there is also a youtube video called usmle biostats step 1, watch that 3-4 times and u will crush biostats on exam.

good luck
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