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* One liners-8
  hellu_usmle - 09/14/18 15:41
  1. In the event of cardiac arrest, one has to start CPR immediately. How would you asses/monitor quality?
2. When do you use Whole body irrigation as a treatment ?
3. Post exposure prophylaxis for (a) Monkey bite (b) Scorpion Stings
4. For tetanus, the treatment is TIG and/or Td vaccine depending on the cleanliness of the wound and duration post booster dosage or duration of the vaccination. What is the Abx used with the vaccinations for Tetanus ? We all know BZDs are used to control the muscle spams, neuromuscular blockade if needed to control the airway. So, what antibiotic is used rather what antibiotic of of choice ?
5. A 40 y/o IV drug user is brought to the ED with trismus and facial grimacing 30 minutes after using heroin. Diagnosis? Tx?
6. If there is complete removal of the tooth from its socket or an avulsion occurs and you need to transport it, what solution is needed to place the tooth in (a) Sterile Saline (b) Milk
7. At least one of the following is required to make a diagnosis of DM. TRUE or FALSE
a) Random plasma glucose of more than 200 mg/dl with classic symptoms of diabetes
b) A one time fasting plasma glucose of more than 126 mg/dl
c) A one time 2 hour PP glucose of more than 200 after a 75 g OGTT
d) A one time HbA1c of more than 6.5
8. 36 y/o female taking stating for her lipid comes to you for f/u. Her recent LDL is still high and you decided to increase the statin dose. But this time on her blood test you notice increase in her TSH but T4 was Normal. Anti TPO was negative. She does not have any signs/symptoms of Hypothyroidism. She denies of having any ovulatory or menstural problems as well. Tx?
9. 30 y/o male with diarrhea and weight loss comes to you. States that there is mucus in his stool but no blood. Also says he has difficulty eating food because of ulcers in his mouth. Dx? Tx?
10. Antibody assays te positive fro anti-tissue transglutaminase antibpdies for Celiac Sprue but these are falsely negative with what ? (with regards to celiac sprue)
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* Re:One liners-8
  jazpreet2000 - 09/14/18 16:00
  1. 100 compressions/min
2. unsure
3. if access to animal-bring it in and kill and look at brain. if no access give PEP..i believe in neither instances PEP will be needed since I don't think they carry rabies?
4. augmentin? aminoglycosides?
5. im thinking tetanus--botulinum antibodies? unsure of this one
6. dang!!! umm sterile saline?
7a. True; b) true C) true! d) true!
8. subclinical hypothyroidism
9. crohns? not sure. TNF alpha/pentasacol
10. igA deficiency!!!!!! (please be right :) )

PS. did you get the reply? if not, could you leave your email?
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* Re:One liners-8
  hellu_usmle - 09/15/18 11:22
  1. End tidal CO2 to monitor quality. yours right too. I am just giving extra.
2. Whole body irrigation ( which is similar to colonoscopy prep) is indicated for "body packers" )professional drug smugglers) and also can also be used for children with visible lead paint chips on x rays as well.
3. (a) Monkey Bite: Prophylactic Valavyclovir or Acyclovir X 14 days.
(b) Scorpion stings are treated with Antivenom and BZDs. We have to monitor for HTN, Arrythmias and Pancreatitis.
4. Metronidazole
5. Strychine Poisoning which looks just like Tetanus. They say that when heroin is cut, drug dealers often use white, bitter chemicals so that the drug still tastes pure. Strychine antagonizes glycine (we all know its a n inhibitory neurotransmitter) in the spinal cord. So, give BZDs.
6. LOL. Both can be used. We need ISOTONIC SOLUTION

7. a)true b) FALSE c) FALSE d) True

8. Diagnosis is true. Tx??
9. Yeah. Crohns. Tx- Acute start with steroids then ASA (sulfasalazine). After that, well you know it
10. YEAH lol

I sent you an email "ANOTHER ONE" {DJ Khaled}
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* Re:One liners-8
  jazpreet2000 - 09/15/18 15:44
  1. how can you measure that w/out equipment :( lol
7. please explain b and C as false :)
8. none needed

3,5--WTF lol how is someone suppose to remember this "useless" information. dear god. i feel like thats the 240 goal hhha

yes i got it! i responded already, if you don't get it, i give up lol (jsingh5292@gmail.--more professional e-mail hhha
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* Re:One liners-8
  hellu_usmle - 09/17/18 10:48
  1. lol that's another issue i guess...
7. For (b) it's more than 1 occasion and for (c) On 2 separate occasions

8. Tx is needed. WHY??

3.5 I just wanted to put it out there cause its really interesting. I mean MONKEY BITE. Seriously?? lol
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