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* Research and Clinical opportunity in Michigan
  the28shogun - 05/29/18 12:11
  This is primarily a volunteer 1-year research position but clinical experience is available as well and is up to the individual to avail those opportunities. Visa sponsorship is NOT available for the research position, however it is available for the residency program.

The position is for a Research Internship or Research Fellowship but it depends on your background and experience as to which position you may fill. The Fellowship is not for any type of acgme credit, these are volunteer research positions only.

The position is with a PM&R residency program located in Michigan. This is an unpaid, volunteer position for up to 1 year.

Responsibilities will include writing research protocols, creating research study materials such as checklists or participant questionnaires, literature reviews, data analysis including statistical analyses, patient interviews, obtaining informed consent, and maintaining study documents with the overseeing IRB.

Positions are for 1 year, but may be extended if needed.

Successfully completing the research position does NOT guarantee entrance into the residency program, however past candidates have successfully matched into the program or at other programs. Through your work you may obtain research experience, publications, LORs, and/or clinical experience.

To apply you must be able to provide the following:

1. Cover Letter
2. CV
3. USMLE Score Reports
4. ECFMG Certification if available
5. Two Letters of Recommendation
6. Three references who we may contact

Only completed applications will be considered.

Please email your application materials to: aerodis198 []

Thank you.
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* Re:Research and Clinical opportunity in Michigan
  mahrous - 05/29/18 20:18
  good day ,28shogun
i am interested in voluntering for 2 or 3 months in anesthesia research .is there any chance to do such research work
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* Re:Research and Clinical opportunity in Michigan
  the28shogun - 06/18/18 17:47
  Position is still open. Please send all application materials. Only complete applications will be considered. This post will be updated once the position is filled.

Thanks for your interest.
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* Re:Research and Clinical opportunity in Michigan
  megpi - 11/14/18 04:16
  Hey there! I'm definitely interested to apply for this. Are there any slots available? Please let me know. Thank you.  
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