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* China Industry Research Report
  transn - 06/17/19 02:55
  3 Market Research Methods to Gain China Industry Research Report
3 market research methods to gain china market research report for foreigners starting doing business in china.

There is such a famous story. An American shoe-making company is looking for a foreign market. The president of the company sent a salesman to a country in Africa to let him know about the market there. After the salesman arrived in Africa, he sent back a telegram: "The people here don't wear shoes and there is no market." So the company sent a second salesman, who stayed there for a week and sent back a telegram: "people here don't wear shoes, the market is huge." Now let's judge which salesman is a marketing talent. The first is obviously not, but just a person who takes orders. Without the order, he would have nothing to do. The second is not a salesman, but a salesman, because he thinks, "I can sell anything, even if people don't wear shoes, I can let them wear them."

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