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* Usmle
  fmgpa - 07/10/19 10:10
  Old graduate. Couldnít resume my dream to practice as a physician for many years for personal /family needs. I have passes usmle step 1 in 2010 with low score, failed step 2, had CSA with good marks. Can I take step 1 again since itís been more than 7 years? Any tips how to get started? Any advice on the prep materials? I want to pursue my dream and not give up. Any help is appreciated.  
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* Re:Usmle
  reza0786 - 07/10/19 10:45
  I am kind of on the same boat but I went for my exam last month and I work full time with a family and a special need son. So I understand what you are going through. I will suggest to get UWORLD for 6 months and get the 2019 First Aid book. Do uworld in tutor mode and write all the concepts in First Aid. Then the last 3 months, just go through First Aid 2 to 3 times. Thatís what helped me. I am still waiting for the score but I felt like it prepared me good with my busy schedule. Thanks.  
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* Re:Usmle
  fmgpa - 07/10/19 13:09
  Thank you so much for the tips and inspiration!  
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* Re:Usmle
  usmleradiology - 07/17/19 08:56
  reza0786, your advices are inspiring. what is your score? I plan to study like this way.  
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* Re:Usmle
  kavya@4a1 - 07/18/19 12:55
  Yes you can take the Step 1 exam again as the 7 years time period has completed. Start the preparation with the block in which you feel weak. Also, use FA, UW and Kaplan for the preparation. It will be better to use study partner for preparing for the exam.  
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