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* need a live SP in LA on Nov 19-22.
  yuya0409jp - 10/01/19 09:12
  Hi, everyone. I need a roommate.
My exam is on November 23rd at LA. Is anyone interested in sharing the room and practicing together between Nov 19-22??
please give me a text via Skype if interested:)
ID is live:ddf604500fd3a67
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* Re:need a live SP in LA on Nov 19-22.
  drpauley - 10/02/19 03:39
  I failed my CS exam in low performance with NYCSPREP
They also force their students to write fake reviews of the class well before they get their TEST results back, they will tell you that you can get free private training if you write a review. So this is a total scam as I got my score back and I had only 1 star in ICE failing and 1 star in CIS,
The lecturer made several mistakes and only spent 1 hour each day with us, this was not sufficient to cover all the chief complaints and physical exams.
It is considered fraud to ask someone to create a Google review without Passing their exam first this is a total fraud, before my scores comeback
Their review course is also very superficial and they dont show you what to do in history or physical exam. SO BEWARE OF THIS PROGRAM IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME, DO NOT WRITE A REVIEW FOR THEM UNTIL YOU GET YOUR TEST RESULTS BACK
I FAILED MY EXAM WITH NYCS PREP AND SO DID 5 of my friends that took the NYCS course.I am warning all students of the scam they have and to not get tricked like me and my experience. They took advantage of me and they deserve a poor rating.
This is the scam location of NYCS prep at address -FACILITY IS VERY SMALL, and we had to share patients and practice on each other for their mock exam, total waste of time.
their fraud location is 1970 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10026.

is total waste of time and money
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* Re:need a live SP in LA on Nov 19-22.
  alper27 - 10/03/19 18:11
  hello I will be in LA starting froom 16 th november to 22 th november (my test date)
if u want we can study together
I am opthalmologist in Turkey and preparing for this exam for fellowships in opthalmology in the US
It will be my second time to take the step 2 cs the first being on january of this year
hope to hear from you soon
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* Re:need a live SP in LA on Nov 19-22.
  yuya0409jp - 10/03/19 23:45
  Hi, thank you for contacting me. I would be really happy to practice with you.
please give me text via Skype or Email
Skype ID live:ddf604500fd3a67
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