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* csevideos or target?
  stepcsdr - 11/13/19 23:07
  Hello. I want advice on what subscription should I purchase for practicing for cs exam? csevideos or target?  
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  med26 - 11/14/19 01:48
  csevideo in my experience because it is closer to American style medicine that you need for cs exam  
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  kristen16 - 11/14/19 01:51
  CSEVideos since everybody I know who used csevideo passed their exam, and the videos are nearly exact to my exam experienced and I have already passed.
good luck in your research
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  kristen16 - 11/14/19 02:00
  CSEVideos follows first aid for CS which is a huge plus since you don't have to buy extra books for the videos you can just use your First aid. so I highly recommend it.
good luck again!
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  jjblack - 11/14/19 02:10
  my choice csevideo, used it, passed, was well worth it  
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  stepcsdr - 12/03/19 21:41
  Thanks so much guys. I felt the same during my research that csevideos would be better. Appreciate you guys taking time out to guide other exam takers.  
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  stepcsdr - 12/03/19 22:13
  What csevideos subscription should I take? 14 days, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months?  
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  med26 - 12/05/19 01:00
  I did the 90 days of csevideos it was good for me, I could study a lot or little I felt safe that I could start early and know by the time exam approached I was prepared.
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  jjblack - 12/06/19 11:08
  @step2csdr I got the emerald 4 months from cse same reasons as med 26 it was relatively inexpensive having it was like i can study cs when i want so that was good.
but Dr. Mary June from target, she is great, like she knows her stuff if you want a high priced personal tutor she's the one, for me I did not need a tutor so csevideos worked out for me. but she Mary June is good doctor. I say check them both out and you will know for yourself
god speed !
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  kristen16 - 12/06/19 22:32
  step2cdsdr I did 90 days of csevideo, but your right do your research I did a decent amount of research I wanted an online course did not have time or money for tutors or live courses and I wanted to use materials my friends recommended, I hate taking an exam unprepared or with the wrong study material, like with step 1 you can use kaplan or uworld its a choice but I think for me I used uw and others used kaplan so you have to choose for yourself what will work for you. Im satisfied cs is done

med26 when do you get results Im curious to see how you did
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* Re:csevideos or target?
  rebeccab - 12/09/19 06:30
  CSEvideo definitely makes studying for the cs exam easy as can be, watching these cse videos for the encounters is super easy study material and for me it helped in remembering all the details I needed to have at my fingertips passed and very pleased with my score and their services Thnx.  
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