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* Failed CS
  masterlinks - 12/29/19 05:57
  i failed CS in philadelphia center after taking the kaplan and medsmarter class in Georgia , it was totally ineffective, i didn't learn anything new from the class

i knew more before coming to the class... definitely would not recommend the company medsmarter, the class didnt cover enough, and i didnt get to practice with 12 different patients, the just had 3 patients for the whole class. yes i agree it was a waste of time. Some practice patients even said it was their first day and they were not sure about how to give feedback for physical exams and differentials. When i tried to get a refund they blocked my phone number and ignored me. Please avoid medsmarter at all costs
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* Re:Failed CS
  oliverstep2cs - 01/05/20 10:41
  I need a study partner for STEP2 CS. Exam in May (Los Angelas). My email  
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* Re:Failed CS
  thespguru - 01/06/20 14:55
  Hi There!

Ximedus, Inc. can assist you with your Step 2 CS prep needs! We have highly trained Instructors and SPs to help you effectively pass your CS Exam. We have 5, 4, 3, and 1 day Workshops located in beautiful Punta Gorda, Florida! We also have a wide variety of online services as well including, SEP Evaluations, 1-on-1 tutoring a so much more. Visit to see a full breakdown of all our workshops and what they include! Everything is designed to prepare United States Medical Students and International Medical Graduates for taking their STEP 2 CS Examination. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Email info at ximedus dot com to get more information!
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