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* Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  thefuture - 01/01/19 08:08
  Happy new year and hoping a wonderful year for all of you inshalla.

My Credentials:
- Graduation year:2006
- Work Experience: several years as general practitioner in back home.
- US Clinical Experience: 2 months free observership in a hospital and 4 months free observership at internal medicine clinic (2015)
- US Citizen (2018)
- USMLE step 1: 225 (2013)
- USMLE step 2ck: 247 (2014)
- USMLE step 2cs: Pass (2014)
- Usmle step 3: 224 (2015)
All of the USMLE exams passed from the first time.

Applications History:
- 2014/2015: I applied for about 40 programs and got 2 interviews only and did not match
-2015/2016: I applied for about 140 programs, and the application was improved by doing the us observerships and USMLE step 3. I got 7 interviews but unfortunately did not match and I was hugely disappointed at that time especially I was very good in all the interviews.
-after that I started to think going back home to do my internal medicine residency there.
2018/2019: I applied again for the 3rd and last time without any improvement in my application since last time. I got 2 interviews, one of them was a prematch program and offered me a prematch position in internal medicine, after a successful interview especially in the medical case scenario at that interview. To be honest, I did not plan to apply this year, I told myself to try for the last time and I applied for 42 programs only.

-Al7amdolella (thank god), it works this time by allah (god) help only with the weakest application for me.
- I can not believe that I have a legal signed contract to start internal medicine residency in July 1st 2019 (al7amdolellah always).
- I know how is the feelings when you do not match and how is the feelings when you match, and that is why I hope for everyone to match someday. just do your best and leave it to allah (god), and he is always there to help all of us.

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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  intro2015 - 01/01/19 12:55
  congractulation!! I can only imagine how you feel.  
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  drlmcc - 01/01/19 12:58
  Happy New Year and Congratulations!!! God never fails!! Wish you the best on this new journey!!  
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  dr_zafranfarooq - 01/01/19 17:20
  Congrats on getting residency spot I graduated in 2012 and now started my journey with step 1 preparation I think I will be really old IMG when I will apply for my residency spot and heard my application would gets filtered out due to old YOG my question is that are there any programs that accept OLD IMGs for IM residency application what should be my minimum steps target score for step 1,2ck other than step score what else would improve my chances of matching in IM I heard contacts works I have no contacts how many minimum IM program an OLD IMG should apply how to find list of hospital where I should apply where I would have chance despite old yog anyways thanks take care  
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  thefuture - 01/02/19 02:15
  Thank you intro 2015 and drlmcc  
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  thefuture - 01/02/19 02:27
  Thank you dr_zafranfarooq and hoping you a successful USMLE journey.

Regarding your questions:
- to be filtered out according YOG, I think this is a real fact according my experience. search well for programs criteria starting by using frieda website, then make the list smaller again by using the hospitals websites. To have more chances try to apply widely but wisely and with good selection criteria according to your credentials, YOG and immigration status.
- Do your best to have a very good USMLE scores because this will help you for sure.
- Keep your self connected to medicine and do the exams ASAP but with aiming good scores (YOG was a big obstacle for me and with less graduation year, you will have more chances).
- Try to make connection because this will help a lot for sure.
Wish you a happy new year and a successful residency journey.
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  dr_zafranfarooq - 01/02/19 08:06
  Thanks what should be the minimum usmle score I should as I aim for 230s at would keep me in game?how to make contacts?how does research help for IM residency?i am green card holder I hope that would help?can you send me any contact information email cell phone Facebook so I can stay in touch with you I want IM residency thanks
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  dr_zafranfarooq - 01/02/19 08:09
  Would 230s still keep in chance for IM?  
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  mimi23 - 01/05/19 11:23
  May I please ask, if you had mspe or anyone know old img matched without it.  
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  thefuture - 01/05/19 23:37
- 230s in usmle exams will help for sure and reflect a very good score. But do your best to get the best scores you can have because this will help you a lot.
- To have contacts, try to do anything related to medicine and get connections with doctors working at hospitals with residency programs. It might help someday. and always for sure keep your faith with god.
- I did not do any research, but there are some programs that like a research experience and you can make connection also by doing researches.
- Good luck
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* Re:Old IMG Prematch Success Story
  thefuture - 01/05/19 23:46
  Hi Mimi23,
- I had mspe, but it was only to complete my application and do not think it was valued by program directors, and also I think it was not similar to the ones that AMGs used to have. even I remembered that it was hard for me to get one because my university does not issue one, so I used a template from a previous doctors applied for US residences from my university. I prepared mine then it was signed by the dean.
- Good Luck
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