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* should I proceed
  aspirin7 - 01/13/19 22:33
  My step 1 - 206, ck -214 yog 2015, non us img ....should I proceed for cs exam?
I hv experience of cardiac emergencies in my home country!
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* Re:should I proceed
  aspirin7 - 01/14/19 10:31
  anyone proceeding with LOW SCORE ??  
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* Re:should I proceed
  pradoc - 01/14/19 11:55
  I did, similar scores and with an attempt in CS.
I might not be the perfect candidate on paper but definitely is a good doctor in person. This belief pushed me thus far. If you believe in your selves that you can make it, go for it.
Fear of losing the battle kills you in the first place. I know its hard, but you will never know until you try.
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* Re:should I proceed
  struggling10 - 01/14/19 12:18
  My scores are similar to yours. After applying for the match since 10 years, I have given up. Nothing can compensate good scores. Even for psych or FM residency, u have to score atleast 220+. If you have connections, that might change things. I have seen and analysed all situations and have come to the following conclusion:

1. Visa- If u r a visa needing img with 220+, u will get interviews and there is a chance to match, compared to a US citizen img with low scores
2. Attempts- If u pass your steps with an attempt, but managed to score high, you will still get interviews and your chances of matching will be more compared to those who passed steps in first attempt but with low score.
3. YOG- even if your yog is 10+ years, but if u scored well, you will get interviews and your chances of matching will be more compared to recent grads with low scores. Your chances will be even more if u have good scores and have already finished some training (residency or fellowship) in your country.
4. Connections- If u have solid connections, then none of this matters

No matter how many internships, research, volunteering, LOR's and masters degrees u get, for the program directors, good scores take lead.
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* Re:should I proceed
  aspirin7 - 01/14/19 23:20
  @pradoc--- what is your yog? what are you doing currently ?
@struggling10- very strange ..
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* Re:should I proceed
  alwaysbpositive - 01/15/19 12:52
  Definitely, since you are a fresh graduate. I would recommend to take CS and Step 3 also since you have ample time to apply for next year. step 3 will also make you stronger.  
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* Re:should I proceed
  kavya@4a1 - 01/16/19 11:26
  Yes you can take the CS exam as you are a fresh graduate, try to take Step3 exam and get continuous hands-on experience to make the CV strong for the application  
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* Re:should I proceed
  aspirin7 - 01/17/19 09:22
  Thanks slot @kavya  
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* Re:should I proceed
  aspirin7 - 01/17/19 09:23
  Thanks for positive words @kavya and alwaysbepositive  
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* Re:should I proceed
  santhosh - 01/18/19 11:51
  Yes you will be having chances for matching if you pass in first attempt, also try to get hands-on rotations in the same specialty which can help in strengthening the application.  
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