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* registered nursing
  medicinepassion - 01/30/19 14:43
  how can I get RN degree after MD please guide....  
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* Re:registered nursing
  reactant - 02/04/19 14:13
  I'm surprised no one answered your question yet.

First things first. If you are considering to be a nurse, you need to at least get the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BScN). Do not go for the RN diploma because you will be severely underpaid and it'll take longer to advance later in the career compared if you had just gotten the BScN first. If you plan on becoming a nurse practioner then i still recommend you get the Bachelor of Science in Nursing first. Once you gain this degree, it becomes very easy to get accepted to a nurse practitioner program. This is often the cheaper method too.

There are 2 types of Bachelor of Science in nursing pathways. One is a 4 year and the other is accelerated pathway which varies between 1 to 2 years long. The accelerated pathway require a bunch of course credits to be transferred before they can even consider you.

I do not know your background and whether your undergraduate and medical school course credits can transfer. If you completed either medical school or undergrad in United States, then they should transfer. If not, then they will require you to use an curriculum assessment agency which will look at the school you went to and determine if its equivalent to the United States standards. From there they will assign you a new transcript with American version grades based on the transcripts you have offered.

There are a bunch of schools which offer BScN some IMGs fall into the trap of getting the easy unaccredited programs. I recommend you first verify the program has CCNE accreditation. You can go their website and visit all the schools they have accredited. This is important as some states/hospitals require that your institution you study have this accreditation. Link:

Visit few of the nursing programs listed on the program and you'll get a sense of what they are looking for. Good luck.

Source: Former nurse

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* Re:registered nursing
  reactant - 02/04/19 14:18
  Also if you are an american citizen/green card holder, check this website out. Its a program designed for foreign MDs considering a nurse practitioner role:
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