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  bolwall - 02/01/19 08:55
  Hi. I need your honest opinion. I am an IMG from 2011 w/ green card. I did step 1 and I got 204 first attempt. Then I was doing great with Step 2ck with the nbme and UWSA, Uworld over 70% but I got 209 very dissapointed. Am I have a chance to go into IM or FM. I have letter of US doctors. Thanks  
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* Re:Help
  shamala - 02/02/19 13:32
  You can still get match you need to take Step3 exam and get some hands-on rotations for improving the application.  
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 02/04/19 13:31
  I am going to do an Externship in FM and I am planning to take step 3 before applying. Thank you.  
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* Re:Help
  night - 02/12/19 23:59
  @bolwall: Have you applied for the match before?  
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 02/13/19 10:27
  This will be my fist time.  
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* Re:Help
  night - 02/13/19 19:12
  Did you recently get your GC? What have you been doing since graduating in '11?  
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 04/09/20 10:12
  Hello everyone
I feel grateful with this forum as it help me a lot during my journey to get medicine residency. I matched this year in family medicine specialty. I had 2 interviews and one program in waiting list. I applied broadly to almost 90 programs. Good scores can place you in the front door of a program director but interview performance is very important as it give you the spot in the residency program. Please, do not give up if you have low scores. Keep working hard and improving yourself in all aspects. I used "Big Interview Medical" for interview preparation and it give me all the tools for success.
I hope this post give encouraged to some IMG through this tough process. Good luck to everyone!
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* Re:Help
  braveheart_2020 - 04/09/20 13:31
  Don't listen to the discouraging comments.
Do step 3 and get passing score.
You need some rotations at community hospitals that are known to accept IMGs.
You still have a good chance
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* Re:Help
  paradise4 - 04/10/20 09:51
  I am in the same boat as you but a little different.

GC will not help you get an interview with your scores. What you need is connections in the program that is flexible to these scores.

I worked like a labor in research in a very well-known program for two years; made even new things for their database, worked on many projects even without having my name as a co-author, being insulted and demeaned as a foreigner that my works did not value! I did not say anything just to keep my mentor satisfied to help me later during the match!

This cycle, I got an interview with the same connection in the program that but I did not match. They said we were impressed by your CV !!!! As someone mentioned above, it was just a "courtesy" interview! I found that my connection asked the PD to give me an IV, so I might have a chance to get one in another program! Funny and incorrect!

They are many success stories but there are many unsuccessful stories that we never heard of. Take step 3 with a high score and do hands-on experience especially in the program that you have a chance to match, based on their criteria.

Good luck.
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* Re:Help
  bolwall - 04/10/20 11:01
  I actually matched in this cycle in family medicine in my program of choice. Thank you for share your history.  
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* Re:Help
  luckylady - 04/14/20 11:41
  Congrats on matching bolwall! Thanks for sharing your story. What do you think helped you the most in matching? Did you do step 3 before interviews? Did you have connections? Also, you said you applied to 90 programs? Isn't that a small number of programs? Thanks in advance.  
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